Grew up in poverty with 6 bothers/sisters, Both parents knew how to drink very good and my Dad couldn't or didn't want to work and neither did my Mom. We moved all over and an example in my 10th grade I was in 5 high schools. Loved the Beatles, got drafted Jan 1968, joined the USMC and went active Jun 1968 served 8 years active and discharged honorable E-7 GunnySgt Married 3 kids, got divorced 1986, remarried Feb 1988, been married since, 16 grandchild-children, My daughter Michelle died May 20th 2004 @ 31 years old. Miss her every day, Bought my 1st Mopar 1958 black Coronet 1963 and been going strong since
Chilton Wi
Retired factory supervisor Massey Ferguson