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  • Hi again from Tampa. We spoke a few months back about the pinging with my '65 New Yorker 413. I pulled the distibutor, and the springs inside are not broken or rusted. They look OK, but they are "loose" if you will. There is no tension on the springs at all. Do I need new springs? I'm at [email protected], cell is 614-989-8328. Thanks, Richard Reau
    Good morning I have a 1965 Chrysler 300 / 383 engine, power steering pump is bad. Need help to find one thank you Bruce
    not trying to rob you of any dizzy sales , just thought i'd get it out there . hey do you handle other car brands of dizzies ? i've pickup up some 62 ish corvette duel point and an extra nos cap . those have two sliding windows for the dual points adjustment , everything looks new . i was after the 350 hp 327 intake (snowflake) oem for a project i'm just getting started on .
    hey i finally clear my inbox . go for the reply now .
    I'm looking for a 2 prong Ballast Resistor for a 1971 Fury with points ignition and a 360. The ones sold by Classic Industries look correct but I'm not sure they are compatible with C Bodies.
    Many thanks in advance.
    Good afternoon, could you rebuild a distributor from a '69 440- 6 bbl Roadrunner for me? It's been converted to electronic ignition (Pertronix). The ground strap is bad and I'd feel better having it gone thru.
    Terry Meyer
    I'm trying to scare up a fresh primary lead for my '70 Chrysler 300 440. When I tug on mine the engine breaks up and misfires. Do you know of a common part number, like Napa or Standard, or do you sell these?
    Thanks, Ted
    Hello. I was told by Ross Wooldruff ,, that you may be able to help me,,, I need a cap hold down clip for a 65 383 Prestolite dist. and also a vacumn advance for a 65 Mopar 383 dist. (tan cap). I,m in Fort Erie,Can. Dave Catfish-65
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