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    For Sale NOS 69-70 Left Vent Window Weatherstrip 2893453

    Should fit C Body 4drs but please verify. Don't think they fit 2drs or Imperials. Free shipping from 66083. $60 obo
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    Vent window crank

    More than likely it's stripped gears, that's what I found on my 66 300. The gears are made of cast aluminum and break if you lean on the crank too hard while trying to close the vent. If you are lucky it blew out the plate as with the previous post. I believe they are the same from 65-68 B and C...
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    "SHOW CAR" Build Sheet

    My memory from working at a Chrysler dealership from 1984-2015 was that when the annual car show was in Kansas City our dealership would accept and prep the show cars (or more accurately?, cars meant for the show) and then they would be taken to the convention center for the show. After the show...
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    "SHOW CAR" Build Sheet

    I'm trying to get more info on my car right now. It's was sold originally at State Oil and Auto Company in Hunter, ND 11/65 to a Myron G. Larsen. Unfortunately he died in 2015. I know he owned it until at least 1989. He has relatives in WA and that is where I purchased the car so my guess is...
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    "SHOW CAR" Build Sheet

    Yes, I meant to say broadcast sheet not build sheet in my original post but I couldn't figure out how to edit the title of the post after the fact.
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    Correct 66 300 Outside Mirror

    Would someone please post a picture of the correct outside non-remote mirror for a 66 300/NY. Mine does not look to have the correct mounting screws.
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    Headlight adjustment question

    I'm in the process of adjusting the lights on my car. Haven't done a test drive yet. The service manual has a convoluted method using a special aiming tool. I have always used 25ft away from a garage door, level ground, full tank and a person in the seat. Low should be down and a bit to the...
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    "SHOW CAR" Build Sheet

    If the 703 does indeed mean it was built for an executive or an actual car being sent to a show then maybe they added SHOW CAR so the inspectors at the plant would give it extra scrutiny. More or less an extra CYA. Just a guess. I was a new car prep guy when I started out at Faddis Motors, the...
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    "SHOW CAR" Build Sheet

    Definitely B02, same as my car. Not sure about the missing FINISH since what you see is the bottom of the form and the next page would/should have been the start of a completely different broadcast sheet for the next car. I suppose it's possible they just left that word FINISH off by mistake. In...
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    "SHOW CAR" Build Sheet

    The show car is CM23G63145013, my car ends in 398.
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    "SHOW CAR" Build Sheet

    I recently bought a 1966 300 and was pleased to find the broadcast sheet stuck inside the glove box, that was until I figured out it was for a different car. As you can see the S O number doesn't match my red car, neither does the VIN. On top of that it states SHOW CAR at the bottom of the...
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    Looks like there are issues with the web page. My Paypal account is My...

    Looks like there are issues with the web page. My Paypal account is My email is the same if you need to contact me. Total for the ATC II should be $155.