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    Will It Run 1972 Fury III

    Really cool that the heart of the Fury beats again
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    Calling all Fuselage C-Body fans near and far

    Georg we had already written. Is thick in the calendar, let's see how the first season starts with my Fury!
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    Cool videos on youtube, That 70s guy.

    Very nice videos with a cool 72 Fury :thumbsup:
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    1972 Plymouth Fury Manuals

    Hello, I found many Manuals on this site https://mymopar but unfortunately there is no body manual for my 72 Fury. There is only the one for the 1971. I also downloaded it, but now I found out that 2 pages are missing which I am interested in right now. It is page 3-16 and 3-17. Maybe...
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    Pixel´s 1972 Plymouth Fury Gran Coupe

    After a long search I finally ordered my California Blueplates as a repro on this site. You can even choose the stickers. license-plates-shop Today they arrived, was so to speak like Christmas 2.0. Am very pleased
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    1971 Chrysler Newport Custom 383, rebuilding in Europe

    Hi Unix, the restoration of your crocodile is really amazing. I really like the car and as we have already written once. Maybe we will see each other on the Race 61. Unfortunately I can not help you with the air conditioner. Greetings Pixel
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    NOT MINE Plymouth Fury III Coupe - Germany -17.500€

    Since this thread is unfortunately closed and I can no longer answer I make a new one. forcbodiesonly.1972-plymouth-fury-iii-2dr-hardtop The car was sold to Germany via Netherland in the spring of 2021. And is now for sale again in Germany. Here the german ad...
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    NOT MINE Plymouth Fury III Coupe - Germany -17.500€

    sorry, can closed. see the other thread
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    NOT MINE Plymouth Fury III Coupe - Germany -17.500€

    sorry can closed - see the other Thread
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    Pixel´s 1972 Plymouth Fury Gran Coupe

    Hello Unix, thank you very much for your congratulations. Yes, that would be great if you ever meet. I have not been to Race 61 yet. But that can change. Let's see if next year at all meetings take place #corona To the lights. You have given me new hopes. I have called with the DEKRA and...
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    Pixel´s 1972 Plymouth Fury Gran Coupe

    Many thanks to you for your effort. Since the grain wood panel really only existed with my vinyl bucket seats. I also noticed that it was much more common in the older models. Also with the convertibles. Let's see if I see more 72 Fury with the grain panel. Note: I made another change in my...
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    Pixel´s 1972 Plymouth Fury Gran Coupe

    That's right, you don't need it very often. But since it is a rarity in our country to have a car with side lights. I will often have the parking light on, but the flaps should be closed. We have already tried it. By the coming home function, the flaps remain open if you have the lights on...
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    interior/dash--Armour All? leave alone?

    What did you say to this products? For Vinyl roof Top End® Convertible Top Cleaner & Protectant for interior cleaning Dash Away® Interior Detailer interior protection Big Block® Interior Protectant – Surf City Garage
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    Pixel´s 1972 Plymouth Fury Gran Coupe

    @ayilar and @bigmoparjeff frenzy, this woodgrain panel seems to be really rare. If someone happens to come across a few pictures. You can post them here with pleasure.
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    Pixel´s 1972 Plymouth Fury Gran Coupe

    Ok, but in this picture wrote. Vinyl Bucket Seats only available in the Gran Coupe.