I was born on the 3rd of August of 1964. I lived in the North part of the US until 1981 and then moved to Palm Bay,FL. My 1st forward look was a 1957 plymouth Savoy. I had the car for almost 2 years until some idiot caused me total it. I did sue the other party but the mistake I made was settling out of court. I did try to locate another 1 but it was either the car needed too much work or the price was not in my range. In 2005 my family moved to TN thanks to the hurricanes of 2004 In 2006 my dad purchased a 1961 fury ( black car) The car still had its original paint and it was well taken care of the restoration took almost 2 years to complete. I will skip to 2014 I purchased my current '61 fury ( replaced the black car) and it is now under restoration I do not want to talk about what happened to the black '61 that is why I skipped some parts . I am always looking for spare parts for my '61 such as tail light lenses back up lenses . I am looking for the correct brake pedal and a day/night rear view mirror. A clock that works or were I can take it in to have it repaired.
I hope to have my '61 back on the road soon but every year I raise my agreed value with my insurance company . The restoration on my 1961 fury is complete I have been driving it on my off days the next project is putting a light tint on the windows to help keep the interior cool when its out on a hot day . I have an under dash AC unit that came with the car I plan to have that put back in the car I want cold AC when I am cruising in the car. and with AC you got to have window tint but I am going to try my best to have it look like the factory. I also have a youtube channel sb61fury I do videos of my '61 , '22 Challenger and pets so far I have 215 subscribers and hope to get more
August 3
Minor Hill, TN
What Mopar do you own?
1961 Plymouth fury and a 2022 Dodge Challenger




proud owner of a 1961 plymouth fury 2drht