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  • Hello,
    A guy on said you have two vendor spots left for Carlisle 2020. Are they still for sale?
    Hi bluefury361- Noticed that you mentioned a friend in Ocala, FL that has a 1956 Dodge convertible. Is there any chance you could give me his contact information (phone number or email). I would really be interested in talking to him. Thanks. GK
    Would anyone know if the quarter window rollers were the same for b & c body in 66? I have a fury I need rollers for
    outstanding to meet you Thursday, I think. After you left, I remembered hwy 11 was closed for bridge down near Pachuta .probably a 10 mile go around. Anyway hope to see you around.
    Oscar= A species of fresh water Cichlid (One of many Species of fish) Primarily native to the African continent, Lake Tanzania in particular. The female will "park" their eggs on flat rocks on the lake bottom and and after the male fertilizes them she'll hover over them 'til tha hatch and hurt real bad any and all intruders that come near. Now aren't you glad you ask MY Friend. My bit of trivia for the day, Jer
    Hey Wil! I've been messing with my '66 - new exhaust, shocks and your springs. The mechanic I am using says the springs are too wide for the forward brackets on the rear frame rails. The question I have is: Did you need to use wider brackets to mount the springs on the Admiral ? I'm not familiar with the bracket setup.

    Wil: If you still have the springs for $200, I would like to take them off your hands. I'll be at Carlisle. I can send you a check now, or hand you the money there.

    Thanks for offering the security cable for the car cover. John McCaddin at 140 Lee Ave, Yonkers Ny, 10705. How would you like to receive the five bucks ? We could do this as well, since you're intending on coming to Carlisle we could just do business then. Your call.
    Hello, Its Paul with the 70 polara convertible looking for rear panels. How much do you want for the ones you have if they are the right model?

    How much do you want for the shipping and do you know if they would fit my 68 fury?

    Regards, Tobi
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