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    Ram TRX

    We got our third TRX in today. If I had the money this is how I'd order mine. My dealership has a couple more on order still, we've been getting well above MSRP for them.
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    Ram TRX

    Spare tire in the bed is an option on it. I'm sure most people buying this truck aren't going to be concerned with the size of the Bed. This is a Halo model for the Ram Brand, not a work truck. Chances are the bed never gets used on these trucks. Our two units in Transport are presold, both of...
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    Ram TRX

    Our FCA Media TRX showed up today. Its even more badass in person!
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    Man cave wall art.

    Very cool! That's a great way to repurpose old parts.
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    GT No 3#

    I noticed that after the Build sheet was posted.
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    GT No 3#

    It's not a real GT, it was a 383 2 barrel car originally. Still neat being EV2 orange.
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    There's cars still to be found

    Such a shame to see cars go to waste like that. Would be cool to get it running, clean it up and drive as is.
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    Some like brown some like orange

    I have a good friend that has a A66 Challenger that's a very early build car so no woodgrain inserts on the doors, no hood callouts and no Bumblebee stripe. It has 15x7 rallye's, rallye gauges, flip top gas cap, Dual chrome racing mirrors, bodyside moldings, front bumperette's and a bench seat...
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    Some like brown some like orange

    Great car, great options and a good restoration. The FK5 with Orange bumblebee and the luggage rack sets it apart. Being a somewhat early build car it might've been built before the Woodgrain door applique was on most all trim lines except the Deputies. Both E-bodies in 1970 got a lot of...
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    How many 1971 Plymouth Sport Fury GT"s are left ?

    Yes he has my number and email. I offered to buy all three of the 71's he has plus his 1971 EV2 Sport Suburban Wagon as well.
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    How many 1971 Plymouth Sport Fury GT"s are left ?

    I've been trying to deal with him on the car for over a year now, he is reluctant to sell anything. He has 30+ Mopars just rotting into the ground.
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    Time travel: what MoPar would you get?

    For a C-body it would be a 1970 Sport Fury GT V-code. Black with burnt orange interior and stripes. Optionted with buckets/console, rimblow, Power windows and tinted glass. As for a non C-body, I would go with a 1970 Super Bee V-code four speed post car. I'd choose F8 green, green interior...
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    Mopar-related images

    It's not a real Daytona, but still a shame.
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    Name that car

    1966 Plymouth Belvedere Post.
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    Graveyard Carz New Season Starts November 30

    Don't do the Motortrend on Demand in Canada if you are looking for prior seasons of GYC, its not available to us. Though it looks like the newest Season is for some reason.
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    Getting my Omni GLHS ready for autocross

    Awesome GLHS! They are such cool cars, I wish they were sold in Canada when new. I had a GLH Turbo years ago that I converted to TII and it was a blast to drive, but a handful if you weren't careful.
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    Your first car was a _________?

    My first car was a Canadian 1966 Valiant Signet with a 273 Commando. Our 63-66 Valiants up here were actually US Dodge Darts rebadged as a Valiant. It was an four speed with a sure-grip and disc brakes. Spent the better part of a year getting it sorted out as a nice daily driver and ready for...
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    How many 1971 Plymouth Sport Fury GT"s are left ?

    That's the same car. The guy that bought it hasn't done anything with it besides bring it back to BC. I looked at it again earlier this year. I tried to buy The GT, the two parts cars and his 71 Custom Suburban wagon which is factory EV2 Orange. He didn't say no to my offer, just that he wanted...
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    How many 1971 Plymouth Sport Fury GT"s are left ?

    It's the same car you are thinking of. It was for sale with two parts cars and was missing the RF fender extension on it. Pics of it are on Maple Leaf Mopars from when it was in Alberta. The guy who bought it got the parts cars as well in the deal. Would be enough parts between the three to put...
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    How many 1971 Plymouth Sport Fury GT"s are left ?

    I know of this one in BC. It came form Alberta a few years back, its missing the drivetrain but complete. It could be bought.