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  1. 41indian

    WANTED 1973 Road Wheel Center Caps

    AMC Caps are close but the Turbine end of the cap is smaller
  2. 41indian

    Shout out for SMS Auto Fabrics

    I sent them my door panels over four years ago and when I finally got in contact with them they said I would get them in March of 2022. It’s a pain in the neck to get in touch with them and my car is still in the body shop so right now I’ll just let them store them
  3. 41indian

    1977 Mopar V-8: Did ALL 1977's have LEAN BURN, or just the ones with 4bbl carbs?

    The Feds, anyway my 79 RV had the LBS it was a 360
  4. 41indian

    NOT MINE 1969 Chrysler Newport convertible on eBay

    It wasn't, does not have power windows, the crank is on the trans tunnel.
  5. 41indian

    70 Fury Vert rear speaker

    Hey there, I have the complete speaker grill out of my 300 convert, some kids broke into it a long time ago and bent the screen up but the frame is still good. I bought one from one of the FCOB guys and sent it to Paul's Chrome and 750.00 bucks later it's better than new and has a life time...
  6. 41indian

    Well well well, a Chrysler turbine for sale on ebay

    Elon, do I have a deal for you...LOL
  7. 41indian

    NOT MINE 1969 Chrysler Newport 2dr Hardtop - Show Low, Arizona

    Looks l8eke the quarters are a little bubbly
  8. 41indian

    Hypothetical Question

    I don't know for sure but I was checking on my 69 300 and it didn't look like there was enough hood clearance, and there is no way I'm going to cut a hole in it...
  9. 41indian

    Decipher Finder Tag

    Hi, need some help with decoding this tag, Thanks, Steve
  10. 41indian

    WANTED 69 chrysler parts car

    OK partner I'm ready to pull the trigger on your New Port. You'll have to make it a roller for the shipper. Give me a call please to get things started. Thanks Steve
  11. 41indian

    Dutchman Panel

    Thanks John, it is for my 69 and you have confirmed what I thought.
  12. 41indian

    Dutchman Panel

    Hi, I need pictures of the Dutchman panel for a convertible and a coupe. My convert looks like it was filled smooth or welded but I'm not sure if that is how it is suppose to be. Thanks, Steve
  13. 41indian

    WANTED 69 chrysler parts car

    Hi, I like the car, I sent the pictures to my body shop guys. You should hear from me Monday. Thanks, my name is Steve phone 740 364 1978.
  14. 41indian

    WANTED 69 chrysler parts car

    I will buy what is left if the quarters are good. Need pictures.
  15. 41indian

    WANTED 69 chrysler parts car

    My cell is 740-973-7548, I'm not home till around 5 Ohio time, 2 California Time. Thanks, Steve
  16. 41indian

    WANTED 69 chrysler parts car

    Hi, how are the quarters. If they are good and the price is right I'll buy the whole car. More pictures please. The interior doesn't look too bad. Thanks. I'd have to get it shipped.
  17. 41indian

    WANTED 69 chrysler parts car

    Thanks Kelly, I'm good on those items.
  18. 41indian

    WANTED 69 chrysler parts car

    Don't let it go anywhere just yet, will show pics to my body shop guys c
  19. 41indian

    Quiet method of cutting up a car ?

    My Milwaukee reciprocating saw with flame thrower blades did a good job
  20. 41indian

    WANTED 69 chrysler parts car

    By any chance was it a A/C car?