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  1. D Ray's Alien

    NOT MINE 1968 Chrysler 300

    Posted on marketplace with a price drop from prior listing. $16,500 obo
  2. D Ray's Alien

    For Sale 1968 Chrysler 300 for sale

    Up for sale is my Stepdad's 300. It is still titled in my Mom's name so it qualifies as a 1 owner. Dad bought it new in '68 and always took care of it. It was parked in his building in '91 and I brought it home about 4 years ago and started on it. It has it's original paint, vinyl top and...
  3. D Ray's Alien

    VIN help please

    Can anyone decipher this vin? It's another '68 300 but not sure of options. Thanks!
  4. D Ray's Alien

    '68 300 project

    I brought my Stepdad's '68 home almost 3 years ago after a 30 year stint in the shed. The goal was to get it running and stopping again, take my Mom on a ride and put it in my hometown car show. It's done. Mom was amazed and a lot of old men told me stories about my Stepdad this weekend. The...
  5. D Ray's Alien

    68 300 turn signal flasher location

    Thanks gents! Much appreciated!!
  6. D Ray's Alien

    68 300 turn signal flasher location

    The turn signal flasher has been removed from my 68 and I need to replace it. Can anyone tell me where to look under the dash for the connector? I've got the wiring diagram...I just need to know where to look. I.e. right side under ductwork, etc. It's tight as hell under there and I've spent...
  7. D Ray's Alien

    WANTED Headlight cover drive motor -68 300

    I need the drive motor that rotates the headlight covers on a 68 Chrysler 300. Does anyone have one for sale or know someone that can rebuild mine? Thanks
  8. D Ray's Alien

    '68 300 project

    Finally got new exhaust on the '68. I'm down to turn signals and getting the headlight covers to operate.
  9. D Ray's Alien

    '68 300 project

    12/15/67 - There is more detail earlier in this thread.
  10. D Ray's Alien

    '68 300 project

    It's been a while since I posted any updates. The 300 is a sweet driver these days. Still have a few bugs to work out but she is road worthy. A pix from this fall...
  11. D Ray's Alien

    Starting the 440 for the First Time!

    It will be close. Good luck and let us know how it goes.
  12. D Ray's Alien

    Starting the 440 for the First Time!

    Make sure to use break in engine oils. You may need to add zinc depending on your build. We ran mine for 20 minutes and then pulled the plugs to make sure all cylinders were firing. 93 Octane gas with a additive should be used too.
  13. D Ray's Alien

    For the folks who has OCD

    It's "For the folks who have OCD" And yes it's real. :P
  14. D Ray's Alien

    '68 300 project

    The red sled is loving the 650 Holley. Next big spend is a new exhaust. Keeping it single and hoping to make it stealthy with a big Walker muffler.
  15. D Ray's Alien

    It´s time for the Slab picture thread

    Cleaned the garage and got a photo opp.
  16. D Ray's Alien

    hidden headlight

    Hey gang, Does anyone know who rebuilds these motors? I thought I saw that someone did but can't find the thread. Thanks,
  17. D Ray's Alien

    '68 300 project

    Does anyone have a source for the two wings nuts and hold down bracket I am missing for this jack assembly?
  18. D Ray's Alien

    Steering wheel emblem...

    I have one that was in the trunk of my '68. It's yours for $10 plus shipping if you want it. I am in Missouri.
  19. D Ray's Alien

    It´s time for the Slab picture thread

    Does this count? I am watching a netflix series called Hunters and saw what I think is a '68 300 Vert. Anyone here own it?