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    The Car Dealers Saw To Introduce New Models

    Why do you think it's a stretch? We have seen a lot of dealer reveal cars over the years and this one checks all the boxes. Need to pull the back seat and see if it still has the broadcast sheet.
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    The Car Dealers Saw To Introduce New Models

    This is a video I put out and appreciate constructive criticism, what would you rather see? Want to make these videos watchable.
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    1969 Plymouth Sport Fury Original Paint Survivor

    Thanks for posting! The car is truly great.
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    68 Imperial Crown Coupe on YT

    Getting it running:
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    68 Imperial Crown Coupe on YT

    Ya that’s my car, here are a couple videos on did on getting them and my version (which is not as good as Dead Dodge Garages) of getting it running. The green one is a really nice car!
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    WIW: auto console with tach. 68 Monaco 500.

    Haven’t seen one sell in a while. My 68 sport fury convertible was a factory console each car and a 4 speed to boot. Let me know when it’s for sale.
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    Did 440 4bbl 375 horse motors get 6 pack rods?

    72 440 HP's got the big rod engines too and forged crank, my 72 WSP has it. Lo pos got the cast crank.
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    Stunning 1961 Dodge Dart Pioneer Flexes Rare Long Ram Induction Setup

    Auto Evolution is a AI generated website that steals content from all over the internet. That is my YouTube video they are using for the article, would appreciate it if people use this link instead of the one above so that website doesn't get the hits from it but my YouTube page does.
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    1972 vs 1973 Polara Video - Both U-Code 440 Police Cars

    Need to get my dads 300L fixed then I’ll get it back to my shop.
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    1972 vs 1973 Polara Video - Both U-Code 440 Police Cars

    Posted another fusey video on my youtube channel, this time comparing the 72 and 73 Polara, hope you enjoy! Both are ex-WSP U-Code Polara's.
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    NOT MINE A uniquely Detroit tale of 15 formals at an estate..

    Would have loved to see the parts blue prints.
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    73 Polara U code part 2

    Another wsp car but much bigger project. Engine was pulled apart years ago and tweekers broke into the garage it was in and they took all the top end stuff and radiator. Estate was going to send it to crusher and I saved it.
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    73 Polara U code part 2

    That is one of my mechanics at Rocket, he does a lot of YouTube videos @deaddodgegarage
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    1972 Dodge Polara U-Code 440 HP, ex-Washington State Patrol

    Posted a video of the 73 polara ex-wsp car too:
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    72 Polara WSP

    @marko WSP cars in 1972 were all "DM" VIN Polara Customs with U-Code 440 HP engines.
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    72 Polara WSP

    Yes this is my car and video, thanks for posting! Owned this one since 2002 and first car I ever restored. Please subscribe to my channel, will have a lot more C-Body stuff coming. @marko 131 sounds really low. WSP bought Polara customs with U-Codes and they bought more than 131 cars a year...
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    Factory 4-Speed-C-Body-Photo-Thread

    Just got this one home today, 1968 Plymouth Sport Fury 383 4 Speed convertible. Bought it at an auction in Kansas. Here is a YouTube video walk around. If you like it please subscribe to my channel!
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    Replacement Aftermarket Camshaft for 383-4 and 440HP engines

    Unfortunately do not have a good suggestion for a cam. Just lost a comp cam in a 1970 440 engine, one lifter went REALLY bad and two more were about to. Won't use comp cams again.
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    Where is this car now?

    Post VIN and fender tag and several people on here can verify if the car is a true 440 4 speed. Nobody is sure of production numbers but pretty sure it's less than 20 made. Know of a couple out there.
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    Where is this car now?

    I have a 68 SF 440 4 speed convertible. They didn't make very many of them. Would originally have had a Dana 53 rear end.