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  1. has2bmopar

    Exactly What Wheels & Tires Fit C Bodies?

    '67 New Yorker 295/65-15s on 15x9s 225/70-15s on 15x7s if I remember correctly. Leaf springs are moved in I believe 1" on a B body width Dana 60.
  2. has2bmopar

    NOT MINE What is it about these cars....???

    My grandfather had a blue '67 Bronco that I rode in on South Padre Island when I was probably 4. I worked at a body shop for 16 years for a guy that was a Scout II and Terra nut. We rebuilt many of them. The front body mounts were always rusted out. We rebuilt one Gen 1 Bronco and I believe it...
  3. has2bmopar

    How bout an A 12 Road Runner

    The Q5 has been off the road since probably the mid 80s and is pretty much how I bought it, rust behind the rear wheels, but otherwise solid. Black buckets, column shift, N96, fender turn signals and belt moldings. The butterscotch car I remember seeing drive through town once when I was still...
  4. has2bmopar

    How bout an A 12 Road Runner

    Really nice... :) I never had a real 6pk car. I did have a '66 Belvedere II Hemi car quite some time ago. For '69s I have a Q5, a B5 and a butterscotch for other RRs and a B5 GTX. I had an R6 GTX- auto/4.10 Dana I sold to my cousin.
  5. has2bmopar

    How bout an A 12 Road Runner

    Mine is originally WW1 with blue bench interior. It is a 4spd, but a 383 post car though. You can see the white peeking out around the grille where it wasn't prepped well, or at all. I bought it when I was 15 for $100 with no engine, transmission, or title. The original hood was laying on the...
  6. has2bmopar

    SOLD Not Mine 1968 Chrysler New Yorker Coupe - $2,000 - Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

    Not an HP 440... I'll wager it's not even the original K code 350hp 440. Mid 70s exhaust manifolds, valve covers, distributor and air cleaner. Cant see if that is just a cast bridge by the distributor, or the cast boss there, so it may even be a 400. If I could see lower you probably would note...
  7. has2bmopar

    Uhh-ohh Dave what did you do?

    That's a lot bigger problem than just a mid-life crisis if anyone gets a new peterbuilt, much less a trucker. A trucker may buy himself a new truck though... Maybe a Peterbilt... :poke:
  8. has2bmopar

    shout out

    Always good to find trustworthy people when buying old cars, equipment and parts. I've gone on some really long expensive trips and have gone home empty 4 times for myself, also one trip with my brother and one with my cousin. Way too many misleading jack asses out there. If for any reason they...
  9. has2bmopar

    WANTED 1970 Fury bumpers...

    Ooof... That's not a likely road trip. I'm in South Dakota and am not familiar with a lot of shipping options. I bought a pair of '57 Desoto fenders out of NW Montana in December or January and told him not to freeze his arse taking them off. He got them off in early spring when we had 9...
  10. has2bmopar

    WANTED 1970 Fury bumpers...

    What state or general location? I have a complete Fury III 4dr sdn that I may part out. I know the front bumper and grille are nice, but not positive if the rear has any flaws.
  11. has2bmopar

    Feel like a damned criminal!!!???

    I thought initially - I Gotta Go Y'all... Maybe - I Gotta Go Yak... I Gotta Go... Yawn? I Gotta Get Yaht
  12. has2bmopar

    First Snow!

    They both liked it. The Catahoula never stopped long enough to get a picture of him. The official snowfall today for the nearest town from here was 6 inches.
  13. has2bmopar

    First Snow!

    Have 4-5" here now... A chunk deeper where the wind is slowed down.
  14. has2bmopar

    Rip? Rip?

    This one got my attention a few years ago. It was in SE South Dakota.
  15. has2bmopar

    seen...70 hemi fury

    I think I took a couple, but back in the days of film... I'd have to do some digging.
  16. has2bmopar

    seen...70 hemi fury

    I saw it in person many years ago at Mopar Nationals and complimented him on the headers that he made himself. Edit ... Evidently remembered wrong... Custom made, but by someone else, as I just read in the article.
  17. has2bmopar

    Went to an old school junk yard today

    This is a '55 Packard Patrician... The 56s had bigger eyebrows, wider set bumper guards and the double trim continued down the quarters to the tail lights. The V8 was a 352 for '55 and a 374 for '56. For the '55 Packard Clipper Super/Panama, they used a 320ci that was also used in the V8 Nash in...
  18. has2bmopar

    Mopar-related images

    A Catahoula cattle dog... I had never heard of one until this past winter. A guy in a gun shop in Sioux Falls had one in the store.
  19. has2bmopar

    Mopar-related images

    Does anyone here know what Frank is? He rehomed himself here this spring.