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    For Sale not mine 1971 Fury III in EV2 Tor red (orange)

    interesting car in a very rare colour. Seller in Canada calls it rusty. Might be scary from underneath. But it is cheap. Buy it and Daves GY3 yellow Polara and bring colour into your life 1971 Plymouth Fury III , 2dr ht | Classic Cars | Red Deer | Kijiji
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    For Sale 1969 Plymouth Fury Snapper (not mine)

    on craigslist for 4500 $ : text: 318 auto vinyl tortoise shell top slotted rims runs excellent link: 1969 Plymouth fury snapper
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    For Sale 1970 Polara wagon (not mine)

    it popped up in germany finally. priced at EUR 7.800...
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    For Sale 1971 Fury wagon

    not mine a lot of members will recognize it. It belongs to Daves dad 1971 Plymouth Fury for sale #2235777 - Hemmings Motor News
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    For Sale grease monkey 71 Polara

    not my piece of flat black crap Classic Dodge for a great grease-monkey Wyatts FQ5 turquoise one was a piece of gold compared to it
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    For Sale 1972 Chrysler New Yorker 4dr HT beige not mine

    clean car. Priced at 4700$ sounds reasonable. Supposed to be rust free, no bondo and has a nice interieur '72 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham
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    For Sale 1969 Chrysler newport cv 5500$ (not mine)

    could be a cheap entry level into a convertible unless it is a rustbucket 1969 Chrysler Newport Convertable
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    For Sale 1971 Chrysler newport blue (not mine)

    just found on craigslist not sure if we had it already. Priced at 3600$ maybe someone can save the pics? 1971 CHRYSLER NEWPORT 2 DOOR 360 V8 AUTO
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    For Sale 1972 Dodge Polara 2dr yellow (not mine)

    this one seems to be a bargain for 1650 $ I hope an enthusiast gets it and not a dealer. 72 Polara in yellow with green interieur from a widow Classsic Dodge Polara Custom 1972 Maybe someone should save the pics as long as the ad lasts
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    For Sale 1969 Plymouth Sport Fury ver (not mine)

    looks like B5 blue with blue interieur Sellers thinks it has a 318 but it is a BB looking at the pics. According to the VIn it is a 383-2 car Price: 17500 1969 Plymouth Sport Fury Convertible 318v8 Auto A/C 96,736 miles
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    For Sale 1970 Sport Fury 2dr HT (not mine)

    it looks to me like the old Fury which once was to be found at Has a stroker motor now. And a lot of mods. Not my taste but I haven't seen it posted here yet 1970 Plymouth Sport Fury (Grungerod) priced at 10k$
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    For Sale 1969 Chrysler Newport 2dr (not mine)

    with the fresh repaint etc it is not a survivor anymore Rebuilt drivetrain. priced at 12k$ 1969 Chrysler Newport. Many New Parts, Southern Survivor!
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    For Sale 1971 Chrysler 300 2dr (not mine)

    this one seems to be in decent shape. Maybe a little pricey 1971 CHRYSLER 300 same car with a few different pics 1971 CHRYSLER 300
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    For Sale 1969-1971 Chrysler New Yorkers (not mine)

    there is a big bunch of 4-door Chrysler out there in the Northwest/Oregon Various prices in various conditions: But they mostly seem to be decent daily drivers 1971: 3000$ 1971 chrysler new yorker 1971: 3000$ 1971 chrysler new yorker 1971: 3700$ 1971 Chrysler New Yorker 1969: 7500$ 1969...
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    For Sale 1970 Dodge Monaco 440 car, not mine

    someone on facefcuk posted a 1970 Dodge Monaco 2dr HT for sale, factory 440 car in FK5 burnt orange with burnt orange interieur. buckets/console. Supposed to have a gatorroof originally. Very early car: VIN DH23T0D1003xx Supposed to run/drive Price is 9k sellers facefuck name is "Lee...
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    For Sale brown 1970 Polara Convertible for sale

    just found on hemmings: I am sure the owner is a clueless stranger Just kidding Dave:)
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    For Sale 1968 Imperial Mobile director (not mine)

    I just saw this on craigslist and thought some might be interested: It could have been posted in the past of course but I don't follow slabs 1968 Imperial Crown Coupe Mobile Director option
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    For Sale 1970 Plymouth Sport Fury S23

    belongs to a member here. Maybe someone is interested Just saw it on craigslist: 1970 Plymouth Sport Fury S/23
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    For Sale 1971 Plymouth Fury III 4dr sedan

    I love the colour. It has the right looks. Damage seems to be from a tree but is not serious. If I would have too much free time I would buy it, fix it as needed and have a great winter beater for the next season. I hope someone saves it...
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    For Sale 1971 Dodge Polara 4dr sedan for Dave

    here you go. Sitting in California means it shouldn't have too many rust issues I do not think it is cheap though Carsten