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    american cars in sweden and their car shows

    Here is a longer documentary (40 minutes) covering several car shows in sweden and their "american" car culture in general. It also shows the subculture of "raggare". The video is cut and filmed well. Just the speaker is talking english in a real poor way. But the video will give a decent...
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    this weekend on a german road during the Fuselage meet

    picture credit by Mitch
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    car show pics Mid Mopar Meet Germany

    as our annual Mopar Nats got cancelled due to covid 19 a plan was made to have at least a medium sized show. So for the first time the Mid Mopar Meet germany was held. Some pics from fuselages and a few others got shared already. Here are a few more from all type of Mopars. More than 100...
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    car show pics from cruise in cologne

    today was a local cruise in in cologne. Turn out was pretty good with more than 300 cars. here are some old Mopars that attended
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    Moparshop Germany Season Opener

    Hi, last saturday we had the season Opener at the Moparshop germany in Olfen. Here are some C-body pictures
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    drive in cinema meeting "American Graffiti"

    last friday the local drive in cinema played "American Graffiti". The weather was geat with temperatures in the low 80s so a lot of old cars turned up. Here are some Mopars
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    Mopar Spring Fling in Stade (Festung Grauerort) pictures

    Hi, as mentioned in the other thread from the Moparshop Season Opener there was a nice Mopar Show last week in Stade close to Hamburg. At this show the location is pretty unusual as it is an old Fort (stronghold) buillt between 1869-1879 to protect the harbour of Hamburg in case invaders would...
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    Mopar Meetings in germany (pics)

    Hi, I have been pretty busy lately. The show season has started and two Mopar events have happened lately. The first one was the german Moparshop season opener in Olfen end of april. That is in my local area the north-western part of germany (Ruhrgebiet). A lot of C-Bodies attended as in the...
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    classic car collection exported to china

    I just read about this. I have mixed feelings about it (even though I am a foreigner for americans). What do you think about it. Carsten
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    1960 Edsel Station Wagon

    Hi, just found this 1960 Edsel Station wagon for sale in sweden. It is a very rare car. I have seen it at a car show but never a second one. I kinda like the style of the roof. Just wanted to share pics of an unusual classic Carsten
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    Police training videos

    here are some old videos from police officers getting trained Carsten
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    pictures from a Car show in Weinstadt (near Stuttgart, germany)

    sometimes the guys in the "german" car assembly/development area get shown that the best cars have been bulit in Detroit 40+ years ago. At least that is my opinion. Pics are from the weekend 20./ september Carsten
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    cruise in today

    there was another cruise In today while we had temperatures in the low 70s. Unbeliveable for early march. We have one of the mildest winters ever. More than 100 cars attended. Some pics for those who like to see them
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    cruise in season starts

    Hi, as the temperatures are in the high 50s the first cruise nights start over here. Some impression from today:
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    Forwardlook Mopars at the power meet in sweden

    I know some of you like these, too, so here are some pics from this year:
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    Tom Hoover

    Hi, read this already on several Mopar boards but not here yet. Tom Hoover is ill. I hope he will recover soon, I am going to drop him a postcard. In case you are not familiar with Tom Hoover, here are a couple of articles about this great engineer...
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    great example

    how some guys handle their automotive history: Looks like a decent clean car. Seems like it will die soon. It is a shame and nothing else Carsten