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  1. D Cluley

    Replacing my convertible top - 1965 Chrysler

    Good luck with the project. Looking at the Factory Service Manual, the '67 top looks mostly the same as my '65, but there may be some slight differences. I know the top well is wider, so the rear curtain extends farther back towards the trunk lid, but it looks like it attaches the same way...
  2. D Cluley

    Instrument Cluster question

    Normally I would say no. '65-66 used one style of cluster (the half round one) and '67-68 used a horizontal speedometer. However, it does look like there is one on Ebay currently that is mislabled as '67. So if it looks like yours, it should work. Might want to contact the seller to make...
  3. D Cluley

    What are you working on today??

    It's a little bigger than a C body. My local railroad bought four "new" locomotives and I'm helping the guy who is repainting them.
  4. D Cluley

    Who's in the eclipse zone?

    I drove a couple of hours south to just south of Toledo Ohio. No traffic problems on the way down. Little hazy, but mostly clear sky.
  5. D Cluley

    58 Coronet taking on a hell climb.

    That was my thought as well. Not sure if this would be insanely fun or insanely terrifying? I suspect a little of both.
  6. D Cluley

    Oval Trunk Body Plug

    My 300 is Dec 15 and it has 4 bulbs. Does that vertical oval plug cover the access for the back up light?
  7. D Cluley

    Convertible top well liner and quarter sail questions

    This is the Z retainer on the driver's side, so the raised portion is towards the front of the car. I believe there are just the 3 visible screw holes and the forward end just floats there, but will try to double check that this weekend.
  8. D Cluley

    Convertible top well liner and quarter sail questions

    I did my top a couple of years ago. There may be some pics in this thread that will help? Most of the well liner is attached the same way as the top itself. On top of the sheet metal is the well liner, the top (both the main top and the rear curtain in the corners) the metal retainers that...
  9. D Cluley

    Floor pan replace

  10. D Cluley

    Floor pan replace

    What panel bond did you use? Any tips for using it?
  11. D Cluley

    New Member, New Polara

    As Ross pointed out, the Chrysler wagons are shorter than the sedans, but I believe that is because all of the C body wagons are based off the Dodge wheelbase, so sedan sheetmetal may actually match for yours.
  12. D Cluley

    Cowl fresh air venting

    I added a layer of black window screen under the cowl vents. It is practically invisible, and I figure anything small enough to get through the holes in the screen will flush right out the other end.
  13. D Cluley

    No gears

    Did you do something to bypass the neutral safety switch, or can you just put it in R or D and the engine will start? If that is the case, that sounds like a problem with the linkage or the valve body, which could probably be dealt with without pulling the whole transmission.
  14. D Cluley

    Get your Hankook Optimo H724 WW tires while you can!

    I found a picture of those Dodge wheelcovers that showed the back and there's a problem. The dished in part with the ribs is part of the metal stamping. Only the raised center cap is removable. To use the 300 plastic center some of the metal on the Dodge cap would have to be trimmed while...
  15. D Cluley

    Ammeter Bypass from scratch?

    The factory wiring runs basically all the power from the alternator to the battery through the bulkhead connector, the ammeter and then back through the bulkhead. The power for everything except the starter and the horn tees off of this wire between the bulkhead and the ammeter. This sets up 2...
  16. D Cluley

    Nos lamp assembly identification part #2497666

    Parts book says it is the high beam indicator for a '66 Dodge C body
  17. D Cluley

    NOT MINE 1966 Chrysler 300 2DR HT Dealer car in Maine

    I absolutely can be done, but it is not a small project. I had a parts car to work from, so gathering all the parts was pretty easy. The biggest hassle is drilling the holes in the cowl and the doors to run the wiring. I couldn't see a way to do this without pulling both the doors & the front...
  18. D Cluley

    Speedometer Blues

    While you are in this far, this would be a good time to make sure the odometer drums are working smoothly. Does your speedometer needle twitch when either of the odometers roll over to zero? If not, you're probably ok, but if it does, one of them is sticking a little. If it gets worse, and it...
  19. D Cluley

    Speedometer Blues

    I don't know what it is, but its not supposed to be there. I'm guessing your bouncing needle is some of that goop getting caught between the magnet assembly and the speedcup and grabbing the speedcup. This is what mine looks like. The magnet shaft spins fast and is lubricated by the oil wick...
  20. D Cluley

    vintage pics of downtown America

    I believe that is Detroit in 1946. There was a Golden Jubilee Parade to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the auto industry. Probably Woodward Ave downtown, but I haven't matched up any buildings yet.