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    1970 Newport 440 - A67

    Indeed. I didn't buy the gas, and my own dad always went for the 'middle' engine, never the six or small V8, but never the big V8.
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    1970 Newport 440 - A67

    One wonders if Chrysler's marketing team erred. What kid in a showroom wouldn't have steered Dad toward the model with the menacing '440' emblem on the front fender instead of the 383-2 Pa was lookin' at?
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    1970 Newport 440 - A67

    Thanks for the rapid response "Old man with a hat" (I'm one of those too), I'm especially in awe of your final offer. Consider it a deal! As an adjunct to our deal, if either of us even sights or hears of one, we publish the news here. The 440 badge intrigues me. One thing I've lamented as a...
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    1970 Newport 440 - A67

    Sorry, I've just discovered the "Search" function top right! Therefore, I'll change my question to "Any recent finds?"
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    1970 Newport 440 - A67

    Hello All (Happy Thanksgiving to you all from Downunder), I couldn't find any threads on this question. In 1970, Chrysler released the "Newport 440" special edition (the A67 option) (see Daniel Bode's wonderful website ''). Does anyone know, or has anyone seen the "Front fender...
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    Limited slip or full spool?

    Regarding you original query re spool vs LSD, I agree with the team, go the LSD (Suregrip). The locker (which a spool is) will have no great advantages anywhere except the dragstrip or for stunt driving in a movie. However, better than both would have to be an Eaton Truetrac centre (available...
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    tire size..

    Your build sheet will have the answer (if you have it). Otherwise, your rim sizes will limit the options if you look up the factory options. Of course, a time machine would help; if you find one (a time machine that is), I'd sure like to borrow it.
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    "Newport 440" 1970

    Engine and dress up package offered in '70 (440 single exhaust, vinyl roof, light group, vinyl side mouldings, and special "440" emblem). Anyone seen (or own) one? I've wondered if the "440" emblem is borrowed from Chrysler Corp's parts inventory, or if it is a specific part. Anyone know of...