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  1. tfrogh

    72 Wagon…Should I buy Car or Van/Truck tires?

    Hey, Wagon Owners, any of you bought tires for your wagon which were designed for a Full-sized van or a truck instead of the normal passenger car tires? While my '72 Custom Suburban does show duty, it also is called to service for hauling. And, it runs a lot empty. Just like a Cargo Van...
  2. tfrogh

    Fuselage C-Body Wagon Tire Pressure help

    Hi. I am looking for a consensus on the proper tire pressure for my 72 Custom Suburban 6pass/360. I have 235/75R15 tires on the car. The owners manual lists bias ply tire sizes and Load Ranges. It calls for 22F/32R with Bias-Ply. I know it is just shy of a Nimitz class carrier and not...