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  1. gtx6970

    1966 Chrysler 300 Transmission

    How much fluid it needs depends on how long you let it sit and drain. As a general rule with stock pan , approx 5-6 qts Loosening the valve body will drain will net you maybe another qt , or 2 I like the modern steel core Mopar pan gasket as well just make sure the pan is nice and flat
  2. gtx6970

    Valve cover studs?

    lower outer end / corner holes Big blocks only
  3. gtx6970

    1968 Chrysler 300 conv in Black with red interior

    Afraid not. The car was bought as a project and I was in gathering parts mode when the fire happened
  4. gtx6970

    1968 Chrysler 300 conv in Black with red interior

    First of all, this is not a for sale post , nor is it a WTB post. BUT, This is from a car I used to own ( lost it in a fire several years back ) Im wondering if anyone knows of,, or owns one in the same color combination. My car was 440 , console auto, factory air, 440 TNT car There is a...
  5. gtx6970

    Diamond Back redline tires

    I have diamondback redlines on my car. They are a Mastercraft brand carcass tire . 245-60-15
  6. gtx6970

    For Sale NOS 2525083 Strut rod bushing kit

    The real deal Chrysler strut rod bushing, washers, sleeves, and locknuts kit I believe part number is C body. But I have used them on B bodies as well. ( sleeve is different length for sure ) The reddish brown plating on the washers are showing signs of light oxidation of being wet maybe at...
  7. gtx6970

    Fender tag from a former 1968 300 I used to own.

    Sadly, I lost it in a field fire approx 10-15 years ago. Sent the remains to a crusher and its a Kia about now I assume. Sadly I have not seen another one in the same color combo since All I have left is the tag.
  8. gtx6970

    Tire age...again...

    One of minenthe tires are over 15 years old. I go over them on a regular basis . And zero signs of breakdown . Cracks or splits. ..nothing I'll drive them . 90% is in town rarely exceeds 50-55 mph Would I take them long trip or extended hiway??? No.
  9. gtx6970

    For Sale Another 1966 Chrysler 300 Convertible

    So the major color change have any effect on value ? I haven't followed the C body market . But mid 20s sounds right for a correct car. Near me a major overall paint with minimal body work is near $8000 to $10k for a nice job done .and done right to last. So my question is where does a car...
  10. gtx6970

    WANTED Wanted. 13 inch armrests in metallic red

    I just picked up 2 nice rears. In the original medium red . That do not need dyed . And want to stay with the same for the fronts. If at all possible. That way IF I have to dye them...they will all be the same color. Also. Are there more than one supplier/ manufacturer for the repops. My other...
  11. gtx6970

    WANTED Wanted. 13 inch armrests in metallic red

    I am looking for original red arm rest pads for my 1966. The 13 inch long ones. Preferably without ashtrays. Good to excellent originals only please
  12. gtx6970

    SOLD 1968 Chrysler 300 Convertible 440 TNT

    Heater core bypassed/ leak ?
  13. gtx6970

    SOLD 1968 Chrysler 300 Convertible 440 TNT

    Any underneath or engine compartment photos. Pm coming
  14. gtx6970

    SOLD 14 inch Wheels & Hankook Optima Tires set of 4 $200

    wish you were closer to southern AZ. I would be all over these
  15. gtx6970

    For Sale Hood ornament 1967 Plymouth 383

    A VERY nice original plating hood ornament. Came with my car. ,,,,, but my car is a 1966 , so deep down I have no use for this one. Needs the painted areas redone but otherwise its very very nice. Base is included and IMO the base is C body cars only Price is $100 and that includes postage in...
  16. gtx6970

    1966 Plymouth C body owners

    Parts book doesnt specify engine rating. Just different number for the different body style
  17. gtx6970

    1966 Plymouth C body owners

    FYI, 1967 cars used a completely different style ornament
  18. gtx6970

    1966 Plymouth C body owners

    1966 Fury and Sport Fury with a 383 owners. If you have the original hood ornament . What color is the mylar insert on the backside. Im finding 2 different ones. A gold one with black letters and a silver one with blue letters. Which is correct I just looked up part numbers in my book and for...
  19. gtx6970

    Data tag from my former car 1968 Chrysler 300 vert

    Sadly the Car was lost in a fire about 10 years ago. 1968 Chrysler 300 vert, black with red interior , white top. 440 tnt , console auto, with factory air I almost cried when I found out the news it was gone Tag and the stock hubcaps are all that I have left .
  20. gtx6970

    SOLD NOS oil pressure switch #2889300 for Imperials ONLY ???????

    All have been sold and paid for Thanks FCBO