1965 Fury

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  1. Jay Gibbs
    Hi Darby...thanks for the advice. I actually ordered and purchased one earlier this year before they went into production to have in my stock of spares should the refurb of my original tank not work out...

  2. Henrius
    Can you believe it? My grandfather also gave me a 1965 Fury he bought new for his wife. He also died in 1988, when I inherited the car!

    Mine is also original and I plan to keep it that way except convert points to Pertronics ignition. Many Chinese-made points are just crap and unreliable.

    Mine has got a 383 with a two-barrel and has a "Commando V-8" emblem on it. I wonder if you have a small block since the emblem only says "V-8."
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  3. Imperialist67
    Nice to see one of these in such a nice, original state. Very elegant in gold w/black hardtop..... the best kind of family heirloom......
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  4. Jay Gibbs
    I never do modifications on any car unless they are easily reversible...and I keep all the takeoff parts. Much to my wife's dismay, I have a basement filled with crates of takeoff parts for many cars going back to my high school days!
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  5. Rexer
    That's very nice. I love the 65 & 66 Furys. Great car!
  6. 65pacecar
  7. Jay Gibbs
    Thanks guys...all original as it came from the factory. My grandfather bought it new in 65 (I actually have the cancelled check he paid for it with!)...he owned it til he died in 71. Then my grandmother drove it every couple weeks to keep the battery charged and changed fluids once a year. She died in 88 and I got it then with about 38,000 miles on the clock. Just turned 40,000 a few weeks ago. Decided to spruce the mechaicals this year so all brake components and fluid lines, all front end suspension parts and Bilstein shocks we're installed. Also cleaned and sealed the fuel tank and replaced all the fuel lines too. I added front and rear sway bars from Firm Feel which have transformed the handling entirely and now necessitate some more power to go with the sporting suspension. I'm Midway through installing a 4 barrel setup on the factory poly 318, and am awaiting delivery of a higher performance cam, lifters and valve springs from Camcraftcams cams. Hope to be finished with everything in the next week or two!

    1. shooter65
      Please box up the original parts when you swap them out. You have a fantastic survivor the way it is. The next caretaker may want to take it back to original.
      shooter65, Jun 27, 2018
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    2. Darby
      Hello Jay,
      Very nice car!!
      They now make new gas tanks for these cars. I purchased one in July of '18 at Chrysler Carlisle for my car. I just thought it'd better than reusing a 1965 tank for today's fuel. The stand I purchased it from said they just got them from the manufacture less than 2 weeks earlier.
      If you start getting "stuff" in your fuel filter, you might want to look into one........just a thought.
      Darby, Oct 27, 2018
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  8. GJS
    Holy CRAP that is absolutely stunning. Amazing car, man!
  9. shooter65
    Wow, Is this a restoration or a new car. :thumbsup: