1965 Plymoth Fury Ii

  • So... i got her about sept 2017 20171122_132548 2MB.jpg , she came in on a flat bead and the customer wanted it cleaned up. it sat at the shop a while and i got him to sell it to me (along with a 87 caprice) than the car sat for a while. i finaly got down to selling all my other cars and put the plymouth on the road in september 2019. 20180622_165411 2MB.jpg 20180622_165356 2MB.jpg 20180622_165342 2MB.jpg 20180622_165330 2MB.jpg 20180622_165258 2MB.jpg 20180622_165239 2MB.jpg 20180622_165437 2MB.jpg 20180622_165503 2MB.jpg 20180622_165530 2MB.jpg it drove like a charm. The carb was rigged, intake missing a few bolts, Engine leaking fluids like a old man who just had some Chinese food. steering wheel sloppier than... well you can fill the bank for that one. So i got to working on it. The drum brakes all the way around were new, along with supporting brake parts. I fixed the rag joint for the steering (used a semi tire side wall ;). tightened up the gear box. changed all the fluids and she was good to go. 20190612_200219 2MB.jpg The breaks are real touchy tho.. Thats a thread for another day, and now im rolling. It went great and everyone loves the car. Fast fwd to 1/1/2020 i got a blow out while driving on the lf tire. Fender is good but the original hubcap went missing :( so i said f$&* it and bought some wheels and tires $$$. 20200407_193720 2Mb.jpg Lighter driver side 2MB.jpg thannnn about a month later the transmission went. The Elements in the sag bearing broke and got sent through the front seal. i pulled it bought another one and the 727 was different. Now im pissed and my car is sitting. So i went bought another car and said F it its getting a motor too. So this is where im at. I was gonna do a mild build on a 76 318 but i just found a 1967 440 for a nice price. Well let me know what u think!

    On that 318 build i originally wanted to go n/a at first.... but i know me. im deffinitly going to want more powaaa so im sure it will end up twin turbo. Anymone build a tt 318? And if i dont go tt than its gonna get a built 440. I m pretty much going to buy the 440 anyway. Its to good of a deal.
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