1969 Chrysler 300 Convertible

  • P1000979 - kopie (1280x719).jpg i153.jpg i160.jpg i171.jpg i173.jpg i292.jpg i295.jpg i296.jpg P1000965 - kopie (1280x853).jpg i153.jpg i160.jpg i171.jpg i173.jpg i292.jpg i295.jpg i296.jpg i297.jpg i298.jpg i299.jpg i300.jpg i301.jpg i302.jpg i303.jpg i304.jpg i305.jpg i308.jpg i620.jpg i752.jpg i1468.jpg P1030161-klein.jpg P1030261-klein.jpg i752.jpg
    This car is almost in original condition. The interior (trim, upholstery, top, top boot, top/boot cover, trunk mat!, boot cover, door covers) is still original.

    The car had a paint job in 2005. After some body work the right side of the car has been repainted in may 2011 with the standard F8 Jade Green (Bought from Standox). No color difference!!!

    The road wheels where a option on the 1970 model, but as far as I know, they came with the car when delivered at the end of August 1968. When I bought the car it had the wrong rings on it. I was very lucky when the original 15" brushed trim rings (NOS P/N 3461012!) appeared on E-bay in 2011. BOUGHT!

    I don't have an invoice of the car, but I have 2 broadcasting sheets which were found in the car. I found one myself underneath the passenger seat. Unbelievable after more than 40 years!

    ->Parts wanted (february 2016) are:
    *original (turqoise) valve covers for 440
    *original air cleaner pan (single snorkel!) - bought!
    *hard plastic back seat back cover - bought (reproduction)

    Thanks for watching!
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  1. Fury440
    Very nice - enjoy!!
  2. Russ
    That is nice car. I bet it drives nice.
  3. shooter65
    Nice car, my favorite pic is the one of it in the parking spot and it extends both front and back a couple meters beyond the space outlined in brick.
  4. Mopars & Missiles
    beautiful car! Thanks for sharing.
  5. tallhair
    I love it. Thanks for sharing your ride
  6. 69Chrysler300
    I will add pictures.

    Can you add some pictures?
  7. 69` c barge
    do you have pics of the interior, mine is just like your without the tires and rims
  8. mfitzpatrick
    nice ride man