1969 Fury Iii Convertible



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  1. 1970FuryConv
    Your son did great work. What body shop is he working for now?
    1. Lance Whitacre
      He is not. He hated it. His instructor made him do it over and over to get it right. He sure does like telling people he did it though.
      Lance Whitacre, Sep 14, 2017
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    2. 1970FuryConv
      Thanks to his instructor and your son. Conv looks great! I live in Virginia. I'm always interested in quality body shops. Since you're in Maryland, thought I'd ask.
      1970FuryConv, Sep 15, 2017
  2. Navy1996
    What a nice looking car after a tough reiteration. You should send these photos and write up to Hemming's Motor news and share it.
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  3. 440sportfury
    Great car thanks for sharing the pictures. It is nice to see a project being done by father and son. The paint looks awesome I am sure you are very proud of your son. Good luck with your car. Your son is very talented. Smoke em up. I wonder how many seconds you knocked off your 1/4 loosing all the weight
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  4. mrfury68
    Looks great! Your son's paint job looks great too. Painting a car that long should count as 2 projects.
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  5. Turboomni
    Lookin great !!! Wonderful job restoring her.
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  6. Vanish
    I remember reading in "Cars Illustrated" a write up to see how much quicker a car would go when they made it lighter. I do believe they chopped up a mint 64 Imperial :(. .... But on a happy note your Cov looks great and smokem if you got them !!
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  7. 75LandYacht
    Sweet car, those formal hubcaps look at home on her too.. great job.
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  8. shooter65
    Very cool. Did you do the paint yourself?
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    1. Lance Whitacre
      My son painted the car as his senior project at vo-tech.
      Lance Whitacre, May 14, 2017
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