1969 Plymouth Fury Convertible

  • 1969 Plymouth Fury Convertible

    Climate controlled storage car that was a local town owned vehicle specifically used for it's parade and fair events.

    Not used since '95 and stored with decommissioned police cars from 70s and 80s , it was forgotten about as inventory, records , and accounting didn't exist for these items...life was good back then huh ? Lol

    Needless to say ...in really good condition structurally and mechanically.

    I bought car (and 8 other police cars) and have brought them back to life with every detail not overlooked.
    Car was given to B.O.C.E.S. , a trade school curriculum for students who may or may not have college. It's auto courses are Mechanical and Auto Body respectively. The Fury went through both start to finish

    First ....Mechanic Technical

    Fuel system entirely replaced from tank and sending unit , lines , filters , as well as carburetor

    Brake system completely replaced from Master Cylinder to lines , hoses, wheel cylinders, and all hardware, springs, shoes,drums.

    Suspension refurbished around with replacement rubber bushings, grommets, and alignments.

    Engine was poly flushed , compression tested without faults , new plugs , wires , distributor , as well as oil pan drop , main and bearing inspections , valve guide inspections and adjustments , new gaskets and detailing.

    Transmission was flushed with new filters, gaskets, and valve control moduale.

    Exhaust was completely replaced from manifold back including all hardware and hangers.

    Car turns key , starts , runs and drives as it should ...no ticks , no taps , no smoke , no noises , no B.S.

    Second...Auto Body Technition

    Overall body lines and contouring were straight as car has never been hit or accident...not that many town parades are speedways or danger zones. Lol

    Car was completely stripped down to metal and Dupont epoxy sealed and primed

    As far as rust , rot , or panel repair...the rear quarter bottoms on both sides were only areas needing attention .
    Rear passenger floorboard had new tin put in
    Trunk was poly sealed with fiberglass resin for strength.

    Paint is high gloss , period correct ,
    "High Impact' Alpine White , reproduced by 3M for this project.

    Car was painted completely 100% with under hood , door jams , and under trunk lid included. Under hood has new heat shield matting installed
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  1. fury73
    Very nice cruiser that should last another 50 years now..lol that was a good year since I was born then.take care enjoy and merry Christmas.
  2. Henrius
    Would be interested in hearing more about hi-tech paints for older cars. You think this Dupont epoxy stuff is a worthwhile upgrade from garden-variety paint? I used Imron in the 1980s.
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    1. Johndavidhensley
      The new Polymer and Ceramic paints that are coming out are almost foolproof as well as more forgiving than the acrylics and enamels of yesteryear.
      Plus the durability is far more advanced to accept custom touches as needed..
      The gloss and wet look top coats add depth that are amazing.
      House of Kolor and Dupont make all accessible that was once only for the experts.
      Johndavidhensley, Jan 9, 2019
  3. Kapt
  4. Fury440
    Nice, what's in its future?
    1. Johndavidhensley
      Posting it for sale....
      631 905 4169
      Johndavidhensley, Jan 9, 2019