1969 Plymouth Sport Fury

  • Build Sheet 70.jpg I purchased this car from the second owner. The first owners bought the car in So. CA. and divorced at some point. The wife got the car in the divorce. She passed away in 2000 and left it to her niece in So. MO. They titled it but never registered it. I bought it in 2013. 59K miles. Some mechanical parts were replaced and the fender skirts were lost along the way. I'm attempting to restore it to original condition.

    Spanish Gold; 440 Super Commando; 727; Trailer Tow Package; Front Disc Brakes; Bucket Seats; Console; Tinted Glass; Right Hand Outside Mirror; AC; Fender Skirts; Auto Speed Control; 26 in Radiator; Tachometer.
    Fender Tag 35.jpg 3Fe3Mb3Na5N35G25F8d2m08a346a79d201894 (2).jpg Build Sheet 70.jpg Right Fender View of Engine.JPG Overhead Fury in barn - Copy.JPG i1478.jpg i1479.jpg i1480.jpg i1481.jpg i1482.jpg i1483.jpg i1484.jpg Front Seats.jpg Rear Seat.JPG


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  1. GJS
    Wow.. Stunning car!
  2. Ironwolf
    Very nice Sport Fury, Very classy color and a real eye catcher ....

    Love that factory tachometer !!!!! :thumbsup:
    Very nice car, If I could figure out how to post pix, I bought something very similar, yet different, if that makes any sense
  4. sauterd
    hey nice Fury, have you gotten any guesses on production for 69 hardtop and/or convertibles that came with the Super Commando?

    1. Driver2
      Hello Dale..
      Nope, but I can't imagine that they were many cars optioned liked that..

      / Janne
      Driver2, Oct 2, 2016
      sauterd likes this.
  5. Driver2
    Very fine car, and cool to have that Commando engine along with many nice options.
    I´ve just bought a ´69 Sport Fury, however with 318 and not a lot of options but the car is in pristine condition so when it arrives in Sweden in oct/nov I can concentrate on driving and polishing ( don´t have the skills to restore a car like you ).
    Good luck with the restoration..
    / Janne
  6. Turboomni
    Nice 69 ! Looks to be the same color as my 69 although mine has a black vinyl top. Keep us posted on what to are doing to the car. I'll trade ya my 69 clock for your tach!! Lol...
  7. tallhair
    Very nice car! Are you going to spruce up the interior?
    1. shooter65
      Absolutely, Legendary interior is on the way but I've decided to tear it down and do a complete restoration. Need to start a thread in Restorations. Only delay is if I decide to trailer it to Carlisle in July.
      shooter65, May 2, 2016
  8. oliver
  9. Newt
    It looks amazing. Keep up the good work.
  10. miket
    Very nice car! Great all the way around, good colors and great engine combo. Look forward to seeing more pictures of it!