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  1. MGySgt Fury III
    Great shots. You should be a auto pamphlet photographer. I love photography also.
  2. Marv
    Das Foto im Wald im Herbst ist der Hammer
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  3. SportFury70
    Great looking car. Looks like a regular Sport Fury. I'm not a fan of white, but I'll make an acceptation. I love all Furys but, the 70 Sport Fury. The 70 Fury is one of the best looking. My step-dad has a 70 Sport Fury also. Its an S/23. His is yellow. What engine you have?
    1. Elcaine
      Yes, it's a regular Sport Fury, engine is the low comp 383. I agree, 70 fury is my favourite, that's why I bought it :) I do like Alpine White when there is no vinyl top. Sunfire yellow is great too, the S/23 looks perfect.
      Elcaine, Mar 14, 2019
  4. TomTom
    What are the size tires and types? Are the wheels standard, I believe 6 1/2"? I have a set of wheels I was contemplating widening for a little beefier tires but yours look great. My 70' Sport Fury is Identical white 383, but is in need of complete restoration.
    1. Elcaine
      Tires are 235/70 General Altimax RT on original 6" road wheels at the front and 275/60 General Grabber HP on late 70s 7" road wheels with the (not fitting) 6" trim ring put on.
      Elcaine, Aug 26, 2018
  5. Mark Curry
    Super nice
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  6. Rexer
    That is very nice!
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  7. Dillon
    Very Sharp Car.
    t57f100 is right about that wheel and tire combo.
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  8. mrfury68
    That SF is a beauty!
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  9. The Goose
    Awesome. Totally awesome.
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  10. HopChop
    One tuff looking ride!!!
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