1971 Fury Gt Time Capsule.

  • IMG_3970.JPG IMG_3889.JPG I recently found this 1971 Fury GT through a friend of mine. He knew I loved Mopars and told me about a car a gentlemen was selling since he was moving to Arizona to retire. He told me it was a 71 Fury located in central texas. I drove down to look at it and it turned out to be a Fury GT. i was shocked and had to get it. I hope to have her on the road as soon as I get her back into shape. IMG_3974.JPG IMG_3978.JPG IMG_3960.JPG IMG_3975.JPG IMG_3968.JPG


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  1. jhp5
    That forest of gauge pods is hilarious, I probably would have liked it in.. you know back then. But looks to be very straight interior wise and body wise. Hopefully no rust issues. That car could be a one of a kind. Best of luck.
  2. SportFury70
    Great find! Congrats on the purchase. Great story too. I love that year of the Fury. The steering wheel and the two gauges on the dash have to go though. As Henrius said, I think you need more. A/C is also a big plus. Gotta have it. I actually like the Cragars on the car too. They look pretty good. Keep us posted on what you do to it please. Best of luck.
  3. Henrius
    Wow! Complete with an aftermarket underdash 8-track player!

    Gotta add more gauges- not enough yet. Got a vacuum gauge?
  4. Marv
    I´ve seen pictures of this car quite a time ago, I remember this weird assortment of dashspeakers.
    It was discussed on this board but I can´t find the thread.
    Great score, you should create a resto-thread and share with us :thumbsup:
    1. tdyer1
      Thats really cool. I certainly will share progress.
      tdyer1, Apr 5, 2019
      Marv likes this.
  5. TNTrooper428
    Very cool find. This is a nice start.
  6. Dsertdog
    Holy 1970's, look at the Stewart Warner gauge pods! What a cool cruiser!
    1. tdyer1
      crazy ha? thank you
      tdyer1, Apr 5, 2019
  7. shooter65
    Congrats, that's a great find. What are all the crazy gauges on the dash?
    1. tdyer1
      old school stewart warner racing gauges.
      tdyer1, Apr 5, 2019
  8. Mark Kevin Weaver
  9. 75LandYacht
    Nice score.. plans?
    1. tdyer1
      Get it running and driving. I will share progress.
      tdyer1, Apr 5, 2019