1972 Fury 2 & 72 Fury 3

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  1. 75LandYacht
    Ok!! First off.. What a Nice clean ride.. True to simplicity.. OK here's the bad part, it has been said that "opinions are like assholes,, everybody's got one and they all stink".. So here's mine. Please lose the aftermarket wheels and the leafspring shackle's.. With her super low mileage and being all original!! She deserves to stay true.. Just my opinion.
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    1. 72furious
      The wheels are only on their so we could drive it around before we got tires on it. The car still had bias ply tires. Also those are the new springs not shackles. They haven't settled down yet.
      72furious, May 8, 2016
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    2. 75LandYacht
      I stand corrected.. Knowing is half the battle.
      75LandYacht, May 8, 2016
  2. Bart
    I love everything about that car. I would not be able to leave the engine alone...
    1. 72furious
      Thanks, it's tough but I just bought a 75 c body fury with big block so I'll play with it instead.
      72furious, May 6, 2016
    2. Bart
      Why not do both? :) My son's car, Nessie, is a 74 Newport 4 door HT. We added a 4bbl/cam, all new gaskets, bearings, and rings. Dual exhaust. Paint and body, and a 3.23 sure grip 9.25".
      Bart, May 6, 2016
    3. 72furious
      The wife says this green 72 is hers yet I paid for it.
      72furious, May 6, 2016
  3. Navy1996
    Cool looking car with minor exterior changes !
  4. shooter65
    Congrats! Very cool find. I hope you kept the original wheels and wheel covers.
    1. 72furious
      Oh yeah, still have bias ply tires on them too.
      72furious, Apr 11, 2016
  5. 70_NPORT
    Love them fuselage cars!
  6. Navy1996
    Awesome car with lots of character !
  7. mr. fix it
    That's just crazy... 29,xxx on the clock only? it sure shows that it is the real deal!
  8. furyfinn
    Now that's a plain Jane!

    I like it, I like it a lot. :thumbsup:
  9. 3C's & a D?
    Clean, Mean and Green!
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  10. StridgeUK
    Awesome ......!!
    Look at all those dull cars in the background - this Fury has so much more character !!