383 Valve Seal Change

  • This is a 1968 383 H code engine. I had had that tell tale puff of smoke when starting. When I got into it, the valve cover gaskets had engine paint on the tabs so I don't think they had ever been off. These pictures are of what I found, as you can see, the prior owner(s) were diligent about oil changes, (see notes on fender). As far as the seals, only 4 of the 16 were intact and they were hard and brittle, the rest were pieces. What a difference when done, oil consumption dropped to near nothing, (there is still a small seal or oil pan gasket leak) and it ran much better and even improved the sound from the new mufflers. I guess I was running a semi-diesel. 1-3.JPG 1-3-5-7.JPG 2-4.JPG 2-4-6-8.JPG 5-7.JPG 6-8.JPG Fender Marks 1.JPG Fender Marks 2.JPG
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  1. marty koirtyohann
    rubber gets old & hard being in oil for years its called maintenance to change there from time to time in the old days after 50-60,0000 miles it was time to change them now maybe the ones they make these days may last longer but we change ours after 50,000 miles anyway
  2. mr. fix it
    Really like the hand written mileage maintenance records :D
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  3. Henrius
    That car had one compulsive owner! Changed oil every thousand miles and recorded changes on the engine compartment sheet metal!
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    1. 68 4spd Fury
      I did swap emails with him. He bought the car in 72 with about 72-75k on it. Put barley another 30k on it in the 40 years he owned it.
      68 4spd Fury, Feb 2, 2019
    2. mr. fix it
      I have the owners notebook for my poly as well and it shows oil services regularly under the 800 mile mark..
      mr. fix it, Feb 10, 2019
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