68 300 Convertible



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  1. SportFury70
    Always loved the 300 convertibles. This one is no acceptation. Love the red on red. Love the torque thrust looking wheel combo. However, love the Magnums better. I know someone who is looking for one of these. Two thumbs up:thumbsup:
  2. tallhair
    Beautiful car. Thanks for sharing. Bryan
  3. C-440-300
    Thanks for posting, dart1962_440. I'm jealous. Good color combo and condition!
    I'm assuming that where you live is cold. Do you have the rear heater option? Do you have a photo of the rear, passenger engine compartment where the heater hoses go?

    I have a '66 300 conv, and it gets sort of cold in the desert, sometimes...
    I have a small core and wanted to "heat" up the back seat sections with an axillary exchange (fan and core, plus vacuum valve control on "MAX HEAT".

    The FSM shows some diagrams, but I have never seen a real model/installation and would love to see it from different angles. But, I assumed it is not in the conv. because of the top in the way. [That's why I want to put in a slimline type core/fan combo in the limited space behind the seat parts... with the coolant coming up from outside and into from underneath.]

    Any comments/suggestions? BTW, I have never inspected a '68 engine area, so I may be complete mistaken about the hoses. I see the radiator flush atta