'70 300 Tour Of England

  • Born in Detroit, longtime resident of Pasadena, retired and on an extended European vacation.

    Something tells me the local authority didn't have C Bodies in mind when the parking spots were laid out...


    That's one BIG motor!
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  1. mag162
  2. The Goose
    Have fun over there. Might want to install a fog horn. Post more pics when you storm the beaches.
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  3. Chinoz71
    Beautiful car and a coupe!
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  4. Henrius
    Beautiful car! How much does it cost to fill up the gas tank over there?
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    2. Henrius
      I thought the gas tax was used to subsidize your money-losing trains! The socialists here would like to emulate your wonderful wait-free medical system!
      Henrius, Mar 17, 2018
    3. Moparian
      Moparian, Mar 18, 2018
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    4. Henrius
      At least it is the envy of American socialists like Michael Moore. You have some admirers! Take solace in the facet that a car like that should give you a great deal of protection in an accident, and keep you OUT of the NHS hospitals!
      Henrius, Mar 25, 2018
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  5. 75LandYacht
    Love it.. more details plz!! Was the car shipped over just for your vacation? What are your travel plans? Ie locations you want to visit.. I’d love to do that with my NYB...
    1. Moparian
      My apologies for the confusion Sir! The car was born in Detroit, spent all it's life in and around Pasadena, now finds herself on an extended European vacation. I am, alas, a UK citizen by birth, English by grace of God and now the proud owner of said car. You can follow the story here;

      A 1970 Chrysler 300's Tale

      I intend to post more pictures here as we travel around this summer.
      Moparian, Mar 13, 2018
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