'72 Fury

  • I purchased this Fury in the summer of 2018 and it has been my semi-daily driver since then. It has the original powertrain: a 318 ci small block engine, Torqueflite 3 speed automatic transmission, and the 8.25 inch rear end. The car came equipped with air conditioning, an AM radio, and power brakes with front disks. I am also in the process of adding some additional equipment, including hideaway headlamps, a factory AM/FM radio, and a dash clock.
    1972-plymouth-fury-7.jpg IMG_20200506_215436.jpg IMG_20200506_215522.jpg IMG_20200506_221116.jpg IMG_20200506_221251.jpg IMG_20200506_221407.jpg IMG_20200506_221527.jpg IMG_20200506_215007.jpg IMG_20200506_214918.jpg IMG_20200506_215115.jpg IMG_20200506_222242.jpg
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  1. 75LandYacht
    Sweet. Looked like a Old Squad car from back in the day.. Looks like you in or close to the city. We should meet up. Im in Yonkers. 718-406-4051. John
  2. Kram Edyorloh
    Love those "Moody" pics taken at night/rain/un-attractive backdrops, even the car looks "moody" and I love it.!
    ...just that modern POS parked behind it spoils that one particular shot.:lol: