And The Work Begins

  • 124008956_10224769243083068_8515790854538978661_n.jpg Got her back from paint, Now the fun begins....
    A little before !
    124283360_10224769243123069_7418311907955149552_n.jpg 124283360_10224769243123069_7418311907955149552_n.jpg 124283360_10224769243123069_7418311907955149552_n.jpg A little after
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  1. Darby
    Looks awesome! Keep the pictures coming!

    I'm looking forward to having some of that fun myself!!! Should be working on the interior this summer.

    What's the large hole in the firewall and the smaller one to it's right used for? I'm assuming it's for heating - a/c. I haven't seen that before.
  2. 67Monaco500
    Looks awesome. I remember when I stripped my dart down to nothing and got it back from paint in 1998. What a satisfying process to piece it back together with everything spotless and pristine. I am jealous of the experience you are about to have.
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  3. 413
    Great color, a fresh start!
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  4. Old 66 Yorker
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