Fk3 Burnt Orange 1970 Plymouth Fury Iii 4-door Hardtop

  • Introducing "The Great Pumpkin", an original FK3 Burnt Orange on FK3 Burnt Orange 22,000 mile survivor 1970 Fury III 4-door hardtop originally bought from Blackstone Valley Chrysler/Plymouth in Lincoln R.I. by Mr. Lavecchia. It is in my opinion a survivor in just about every meaning and sense of the word. The car was found by the 2nd owner stored away for 20 years in North Providence R.I. who bought it from the family of Mr. Lavecchia. The car is a late build car being built June 6th 1970, it is a “Built To Spec For” car and is also a “Lease Bid Sale” car. We found not one but 2 build sheets under the rear seat in the car, but unfortunately the car did not come with a window sticker. We do plan to have one made up for it though.

    The previous 2nd owner who coincidentally has the same first name as my stepdad, said he purchased the car 3 years ago in about 2019 and only drove it on weekends. He said he was selling it, and will soon be selling a VW Beetle because he wants to buy a convertible.

    The black powder coated rims are something the previous owner added on. He said he coated the rims and was going to put the original hubcaps (which came with the car) back on over them, but after they came back from the coating shop he said they looked too nice to scratch up.

    When he put the car for sale and my stepdad inquired about it, he told my stepdad that he had a buyer on the line for it but the thing is that buyer told the owner his plans for the car which was to stick a 440 in it and technically make it a race car. That said my stepdad said I'll offer you more money than the potential buyer and I won't ruin the car I will keep it original, and that sealed the deal. Well saying that, and sending him pictures of the S/23 and our big beige '73 Custom Suburban wagon. My stepdad ended up buying the car on June 5th of this year.

    The goal/plan is to hopefully have it on display in the survivor tent next year in Carlisle in 2022.

    Please see full thread on the car below......

    The Great Pumpkin, A 22,000 Mile Survivor FK3 1970 Fury III 4-Door Hardtop

    Enjoy and thank you for looking!......

    (The pictures below except for the very last one are from the original for sale posting)
    Fury 1.jpg Fury 2.jpg Fury 3.jpg Fury 4.jpg Fury 5.jpg Motor 10.jpeg


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  1. Trailer Park
    is this what the original FK3 looked like? I have a paint chip sheet and I have a hard time telling the difference between FK3 and FK5
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    1. SportFury70
      The FK3 is a lighter shade of orange. FK5 is a darker shade which is called deep burnt orange, FK3 was a Fury only color while FK5 could have come on everything
      SportFury70, Jul 24, 2021
  2. chipieal
    From the engine block color I would say it is a B block. is it the low compression 383 2 barrel or the road runner 383 Magnum.
  3. Trailer Park
    Love that Fury!
  4. mopar1934
    Beautiful car, if you ever want to sell let me know!
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    1. SportFury70
      I got a strong feeling the car will be with us for a LONG time, that makes 2 people interested in it. We told our good friend who is also a member here about it and he said he is also interested
      SportFury70, Jun 26, 2021
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  5. Zach66
    Wow, beautiful vehicle!
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