• My 69 fury3 2dr hard top project


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  1. Turboomni
    The first pic I believe was stated as a slant/6 possible resto I saw awhile ago,,i am confused...
    1. SportFury70
      It was for sale on here. Yes it is a slant 6
      SportFury70, Oct 12, 2019
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  2. Luke Pokrajac
    Looks like a good grinding/sand blasting job...are you doing it on your own?
    1. Jamesj
      Wasnt sand blasted or grinding. Is was vinegar and hand sanded with different grits of sand paper, yes everything done so far I've done myself.
      Jamesj, Oct 8, 2019
    2. Marv
      hand sanded ?? :-O how long did that take ?!?
      Marv, Oct 9, 2019
    3. Luke Pokrajac
      Wow! that's alotta work.
      Luke Pokrajac, Oct 10, 2019