Harrys 65 Fury Iii

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  1. Luke Pokrajac
    318 poly four-speed! Now you really dont see many of those! That would be a nice combo with a Poly.
  2. HarrysToy
    Finally brought her home! 20211024_142746.jpg 20211024_142746.jpg


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  3. 65GUS
    Dang, that looks good. & a 4 speed too ! i too like the custom air filter housing lettering. I may have to copy it, lol
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  4. mikedrini
    Love it, especially the interior. This bird is too beautiful to be caged.
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  5. richard walrod
    wow sweet , wheels look awesome
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  6. '66 Fury I
    I like your car! Is the script on the air cleaner original or added later. I've never seen that before. I wish you many years of enjoyment! Lindsay
    1. HarrysToy
      My Uncle did that. Im thinking he had it made as i found several drawings with all the paperwork
      HarrysToy, Sep 28, 2021