My Winter Project

  • image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg I heard this is the place to be when it comes to C body Mopars . I have owned three B bodies and an A body but chose this to be different. Hope you all can keep me headed in the right direction. Just got the car from Georiga and the red clay was free. Body is solid I need a complete Interior Has white buckets and center console .


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  1. glassman
    I posted that i have a lot of parts you might be interested bumpers , tail lights to front grill ,body metal brackets, rotors, quarter panel ,etc. I did a customize .I can send you photos through your e mail to view. my car came from arizona . parts are clean. thanks glass man.
  2. LocuMob
    Sweet! I have a 66 that is basically turning into a 500, like yours is. Actually found a 500 parts car this spring, have yet to pick it up. Cool cars that are different indeed. Please start a restoration thread for whatever fixes, improvements, upgrades you do. I can't get enough of the 66 models.
  3. mrfury68
    Nice find. I believe the red clay helps preserve them. (lol) Looks like a good solid car to restore. You are in the right place for knowledge & insight. Keep us posted.
  4. hanks71440
  5. oliver
    Nice car! Love the lines on these.
  6. mr. fix it
    I have a set of tail lights if you need them.:thumbsup:
  7. Chris Phillips
    nice one. good luck, that's a great looking body.
  8. Texaner
  9. 75LandYacht
    Yes sir!! You’re in the right place.. a huge wealth of knowledge here. Feel free to jump right in.. great project, keep us posted as you progress.
  10. LeBaron1973
    Looks like a good base to build upon. Best of luck getting her sorted and back on the road.