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bored haha

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Havent shown progress on the car recently. today i took the 22's off and put the stock wheels back on for rn. found 2 spots where it barely rubbed.

have it in the garage rn fixing some minor rust in the botton of the trunk by the quarter panel, and on the seam behind the c pillar in the bottom corner of the window, some moisture the vynil top trapped one would assume.

anyways i havent driven the car that much, i went on a couple month hiatus busy working and hunkering on school. getting into the holiday season has allowed me to work on the car more again.


still sinister at night, almost like a gang leader or a mob boss car

heres me posing on it in the garage. thats not my normal dress up, that was just an instagram photo. felt like a thug car deserved a thug attitude haha.


another night time photo. you know as long as its dark you cant see a problem with the car! (except the dash lights that dont work)


another night time photo on 22's. looks like my skin is changing color now, gotta fix that.

so for thanksgiving i donned my hat, tied my cape and slipped the good ole trump socks on. geez it was cold i dont think it got over 50 that day. thankgiving was at my parents house where i currently live atm.

more of my by the car

and thats about it. ill probably make another garage once i get the vynil top back on, should be done by the end of this year (knock on wood)


2 photos didnt upload... apparently they arent cooperating. heres the Instagram link my profile is visible to the public:

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