• Our 1962 Chrysler 300 was my brother's car until his untimely passing in 2019. I am helping my niece manage his estate and resurrect the 7 non-running cars on his property. In happier times my brother showed his 300, along with his 1967 Hemi Satellite and 1966 Valiant Signet Commando at various southern California car shows.
    My brother's passion for the Chrysler 300 started quite early when our dad's boss, George Miller, bought a brand new 300F Special. Since the ownership of an undocumented 300F Special would be questioned my brother sought to determine the current location of that car. He was not successful.

    My brother installed a 426 wedge engine into his 1962 300. 20200731_115039_web.jpg 20200806_105719_web.jpg Chrysler 300.jpg
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  1. Jim Harris
    Thanks, Mark. I am not sure what brand wheel they are, I know that they are not original to the car. I'll have a better look when I get them off but I am still looking for its original steelies. There was another maker of the wire wheels, Motor Wheel, that supplied Chrylser Corp. Here's a HR article I found about that Wire Wheels 101 - Street Rodder Magazine I'm new to this car so I don't know for sure.
  2. Mark Kevin Weaver
    I'm kinda diggen those wire wheels! Are Kelsey Hayse or something else?
  3. 75LandYacht
    Condolences on your brothers passing. It appears he had great taste in cars. If you’re open to suggestions, take as many pictures as you can and put them here in the “for sale” forum. Hopefully they’ll get picked up by members and go to loving homes.. keep Us posted
  4. straightjob
  5. Quantum53
    I have my grand paps '62 Newport, 2dr, black, blue int., 361 push button. Used to drive to school in '69. Love that car! Been in storage for over 40 yrs. Also a '62 "300" sport with 361, straight shift from factory, with push button delete panel. Needs lots of TLC. had planned to put everything from sport in Newport, but may have to part with all including other projects.
  6. Jim Harris
    It's a Sport. The A/C is in the trunk. I am still looking for the original wheels, I agree that they would look better. We're looking for a buyer.
  7. Henrius
    That is going to clean up really nicely. Hope you can put on original wheels and covers.

    Black car without A/C is going to be hot in the summer! My grandfather's 1963 300 was an oven after a few minutes of summer in a parking lot!
  8. Pete Kaczmarski
    So its a "H" or "Sport" of standard 300?
  9. Pete Kaczmarski