NOT MINE 1955 Chrysler Windsor Deluxe Nassau Hardtop - "Stored in my barn over 30 yrs" - Nugget Gold & White - $13,600 - San Luis Obispo, CA

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Nov 12, 2010
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For sale on Craigslist: 1955 Chrysler Windsor Deluxe Nassau 2-door Hardtop in San Luis Obispo, CA - $13,600 - Call Glenn: 805 431 53 seven seven

Link: 1955 chrysler windsor for sale by owner - San Luis Obispo, CA - craigslist

Seller's Description:
1955 Chrysler Windsor Deluxe Nassau 2-door Hardtop
  • condition: good
  • cylinders: 8 cylinders
  • transmission: automatic
  • odometer: 31,241
  • paint color: custom
  • title status: clean
This classic MOPAR has been stored in my barn for over thirty years with other cars I’ve collected. The car cover, as shown in the picture, has started to deteriorate in areas. I’ve finally made the decision to move the 40 Mercury out , which is not for sale at this time, and place the Chrysler over to the shop area of the barn. I have started to clean and inspect the condition prior to placing this add. I’m hopeful that there’s a MOPAR enthusiast locally that could take advantage of buying this classic.

  • It’s a 1955 Chrysler Windsor Deluxe two door hardtop Nassau model painted in Gold Nugget with a Desert Sand top. The paint is in good condition and still holds a shine when buffed. Also the chrome polishes out with a small amount of pitting in areas. I’ve put used replacement tires on and have all the wheels freed up and rolling. The sixty eight year old brake system will need attention but still seem to stop the car when pushed.

  • The interior upholstery is in great shape as witnessed by the pictures. There are no cracks in the dash pad, door panels or rear side panels. The rear seat even still has the clear plastic protective covers on it. The painted dash is beautiful and no signs of fading. The original steering wheel is in great condition and will clean up almost like new. The original floor mats are still in the car and in good shape. All the glass is intact and also in good condition. The only two ares of the interior that need to be addressed are the bottom of the drivers front seat because the fabric has deteriorated. The headliner is stained with a small hole above the passenger sun visor.

  • This 1955 model has the original 301ci POLY SPITFIRE V8. It’s a great lookin motor with an original air gap intake and Spitfire valve covers. Chrysler designed the so called Poly heads in the development of the first early 331ci HEMI. We have started inspecting the condition of the motor. So we pulled the spark plugs and to our surprise they look almost new as shown by the provided picture. We removed the distributor cap to replace the points and condenser but they also look new. Then we looked at the condition of the oil and it’s not at all blacked and still seems to be in good enough shape to start the motor before changing. We bought a new battery and the motor turns over very easily but the starter solenoid stuck so we pulled the starter. After this inspection of the motor we are convinced that it is in good shape and with a little attention should run.

I’m offering this classic for inspection by appointment only. The perspective buyer must call the number provided to set up an appointment. I’m not going to respond to text or email messages. I’m very willing to make myself available for inspection at most required times. Asking $13,600. Thanks Again for checking out this add, Glenn

Beware of this car. I drove up from San Diego to look at this car.

The best part of this car is that it is a true 30,000 mile survivor that does start up and run. It also has decent interior.

The worst part is that Glenn never mentioned that this car is rusted out in the bottom parts of the body. Glenn is pushy to make the sale and believes this car is pristine and will not negotiate on the price. Glenn is a flipper type of salesman, seems to be friendly until you don't make the purchase, then becomes cold and rude. The owner, Rodger, is a sweet older gentleman that needs to sell this car. His health is deteriorating, and is hoping to get as much money as he possibly can, I am guessing to help cover medical bills. Rodgers wife is nice too. Not sure how he got Glenn involved, but I am assuming he needed a pushy guy to get top dollar on this car to help him sell it.

The worst part of this car is that the wheel wells are sculpted with Bondo as well as the lower rockers. On the right side, the front fender is sculpted into the body and has no body line between the two(seamless). The chrome on the back of the car is mildly pitted. The chrome on the front of the car is not very good, especially in the grill area, it's pitted heavily in that area. Around the grill opening, the rust can be seen, and it's not surface rust. It looks like this car was filled with bondo and repainted below the center stainless trim piece on the sides of the car. This car, as I was told, came from Wisconsin. This explains the rust, probably caused by salted roads in the winter. The damage is well beyond patina. To be repaired would take a significant amount of metal work, and a repaint.

I left bummed out, Glenn was chummy until I saw the damage caused by rot on the car and wanted to negotiate on price. I realized that his friendliness wasn't sincere after that. 12K is way to much for the condition of the car in my opinion. I have restored many cars and know that this will take a lot of work to get it to be right. This would be a car worth saving as it is complete, and a true low mileage survivor. But it would cost more than it's worth to do a correctly done partial restoration. I am a purist, and wish this car never saw the winters up north from years ago. It's a shame, as this could be one really awesome car. I hope someone out there will buy this car from Rodger, he needs the money. If hidden rust doesn't bother you, then this will be perfect car for someone.

I hope this helps describe what I saw, so no one else gets misleaded by the description of the car.