NOT MINE 1955 DeSoto Firedome 4-door Sedan in Goshen, IN - $6,800

marty mopar

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Nov 12, 2010
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Seller's Description:
1955 DeSoto Firedome 4-door Sedan
  • 2 owners
  • Driven 500,000 miles
  • Manual transmission
  • Exterior color: Red · Interior color: Grey
This 1955 DeSoto Firedome is just what you have been looking for. The prefect auto show car, one that is ride and drive ready. Still needs alot of love to bring her full beauty back but I promise you won't be anything but happy arriving in the special girl. The 1955 DeSoto Firedome comes with a Hemi V-8 that produces a top speed of 164km/h and real blazing 0-60 at 13.1. It burns the track up at 1/4mile drag time of 19.1 and this baby still gets a whopping 15.1 miles to gallon. Yet she looks really good while she's getting there. The 3 speed on the column shifts smoothly and the ride itself, is a true delight, [not to mention all the you get while out taking a spin] so if you have been looking for the fixer upper that is most the way done, you know the one, that, you can drive NOW and fix on alittle at at time. Well the first $6,800, can come and drive home in this beautiful fun '55 DeSoto.