NOT MINE 1956 300 2 door

marty mopar

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Nov 12, 2010
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Tempe AZ (hotter than a turd on a frypan)

Me and my husband are selling a 1956 Chrysler 300 for parts or u can restore it. It was givin to us by a friend a while back ago and we were gonna restore it. Then life got rough. We have to move. And no where to put it and then our grand marquis started messing up on us so our attention has to go to our personal car. I have 30 days or less to get rid of it. It has all the trimming and the lights. Just one back light on ebay is alot of money. And it has a great looking hydraulic pump all ready in the car. This car really needs a friend and some love. There has to be some one out there that has the time and the money to make it into a beautiful car. The car is outside in my dirt lot so if u would like to come check it out hit me up. Dont know the milage. Thanks. We will tow to u if ur not too far