For Sale 1963 Chrysler new Yorker station wagon parts for sale

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Mar 29, 2023
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1963 Chrysler New Yorker station wagon parts for sale:
Selling interior, exterior parts below market value, locally, since I do not want to ship. My location is near Kernersville, North Carolina. 27284. Average price $40.

I also have a large pickup truck load of parts for 1963 Chrysler New Yorker station wagon including rear seat, wheel rims, steering wheel, glass, light assemblies, dash pad with no cracks, door handles, side moldings, interior and exterior parts, glass including front windshield and rear tailgate and side glass, and Carter 4 bbl AFB #3256S, 1965-1969, spare tire cover, fuse boxes, rear seat, and too many items to list. Of course, some of these parts will also fit 2 and 4 door cars plus interchange to fit Plymouth, Dodge, Desoto, and Imperial. Contact me with your needs. These pictures show only a small part of what is available.






I suggest you lay ALL the parts out so we can see what you have there.
A pile is difficult to figure out what you have there.
thank you for this good suggestion. I was hoping to encourage inquirers to send me their
Do you have the rear bumper center section?
I shall go through the boxes and parts and find out and email you over the weekend. thank you
I am interested in some interior garnish moldings depending on what's available.
PM sent
Do you have the drivers door molding?
surely I do. Please measure the length and width of molding passengers front door. Please send your zip code, I would have to buy a piece of wood, (a wooden stick, ) to tape to it so that the USPS moving conveyor belt doesnt catch it and bend it. Then I'll have to hunt an uncommon slender box to put it in. $20 plus wooden stick and USPS cost. my direct email is
I know you don’t want to ship but are the rims 14”x6.5”and are the rear brakes and drums 11”x3” how much for them?
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