NOT MINE 1963 Imperial convertible, 75K miles, A/C - Project - $4,000 - Danbury, CT

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Nov 12, 2010
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For Sale: 1963 Imperial convertible, 75K miles, A/C - Project - $4,000 - Danbury, CT
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Seller's Description:
1963 Imperial convertible, a barn find, except instead of a barn, in has been in storage containers and in public storage for about the last 25 – 30 years. It has been under a roof for much of its life. It is a rare car, one of 531 Imperial convertibles Chrysler built in 1963. It has a 413 cu. in. engine, a push-button transmission, air conditioning, electric windows and power seat.
The odometer shows 75,145 miles, which I believe is accurate. The car is not running. The engine does not turn over with the starter. I have not tried to rotate it with a bar and socket. Some wheels didn’t turn when it was moved to its current location, probably because the brake cylinders are frozen, which is not a difficult repair. The body is O.K. There are some bondo bubbles around the rear wheel wells from a poorly done paint job back in the 1970’s. Paint has peeled off the hood. The pictures show the car as it sits. I did wipe off the hood for one shot, but nothing has been cleaned or polished otherwise.
The metallic red interior is all original and quite nice. The dash pad, steering wheel, door panels and other items that are often in bad condition in older cars are very good. The leather seats are good for their age also.
I have a number of parts for the car, e.g. a grille in very nice condition, a rear bumper, some chrome trim and other things that will be rediscovered as I clean up the garage and basement.
Without too much work, the car could be restored to prize-winning condition. I was going to do it, but I have gotten to be too old.
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