NOT MINE 1966 Chrysler New Yorker Sedan - $3,650 - Hotchkiss, Colorado


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Sep 8, 2020
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Sidewinder, Colorado
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1966 Chrysler New Yorker Sedan - $3,650 - Hotchkiss, Colorado

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Been doing my best to fit this into the project rotation...but I'm just running out of time and it's not going to happen. Summer's getting away from me so stinking fast....I don't want it to sit here for another winter without getting some attention.
This is a killer cool 1966 Chrysler New Yorker - a big beautiful boat of a car!
Powered by the famous Firepower big block 440 with 4bbl carb and the TorqueFlight automatic transmission.
Power brakes and power steering.
It's a project car, for sure...she's been parked for sixteen years, so it's going to take some loving to bring her around - but she starts right up and will move under her own power! I've noticed that it's missing the correct alternator bracket, so that's on order now...but you can definitely fire her up and listen to her run. I've had her around the block and back, but would be best to go through her thoroughly if you'd like to make her your daily driver.
All the chrome shiny bits are in place, and the doors shut incredibly solid. She'll need a new windshield and some interior work, but it's a great starting place and a SUPER fun car. This thing is all sorts of chrome, plush - and POWER!
The engine and tranny are worth the asking price alone! Even the hubcaps are going for $100 apiece online - this car is a steal. I just need the space and money for my other projects at this point.
Priced WELL BELOW both NADA and Hagerty's values; this thing is a screaming deal at this price. You just don't run across a clean C-body MOPAR like this one anymore.
We're over in the Hotchkiss Paonia area. Bring cash and come load her up.
Clear CO title in my name.
Very nice. If I were to get a New Yorker I would look for a 66 first. Good price also. Low enough that I would have money left over to pay for my divorce after adding another to my list of ugly cars.
High-desert car. No salt in that part of the state, but the car probably wasn't immediately washed on days over 33* to get the sand and road crap out...assuming it is a Delta County car all of its life.

@GRILLMAN - Those quarters are far from "toast". With the Midwest and East Coast guys, it's a "nearly rust-free" car!