1966 Chrysler Newport New Engine 383 to 440

Hey everyone, been working hard on putting my 66 Newport back on the road. Bought it, along with two others, from the same person about a year ago. This car was bought new in Sacramento, CA. It is a base Newport with factory installed AC. Nothing fancy otherwise. It was a stock 383 car. The previous owner was my next door neighbor growing up and he was having trouble with fueling issues. The car was parked in 2004 and had not been run since. I replaced the fuel tank, sending unit and rubber lines. I did a tune up on the motor and tried to start it. It made some terrible noises. I pulled the distributor and the inside of the motor was all rusty and gross. I found a 1966 dated complete 440 and set about rebuilding it. Had it bored .30 over, factory style cast pistons, original crank milled .010, basic iron 516 heads with hardened valve seats, lunati voodoo mid level performance street cam, dual plane edelbrock intake and holley street avenger carb. The new motor is now back in the car and I am buttoning up some of the last few details before I try and start it. The trans was resealed and the bands were adjusted. Trans shop said the trans looked almost new inside. Also swapped the 2.76 open rear end gears for a set of 3.23's with a suregrip. I'm running factory exhaust manifolds and will be running a dual 2.5 inch exhaust, H pipe, with flowmaster 40 series mufflers. It is running mopar police wheels with 235/60R15's up front and 255/60R15's in the rear. View attachment 416207 View attachment 416208
Nice job. Congratultions.