NOT MINE 1966 Plymouth VIP 4dr Hardtop, 78K miles, A/C - $10,000 - Danvers, MA

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Nov 12, 2010
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For Sale: 1966 Plymouth VIP 4dr Hardtop, 78K miles, A/C - $10,000 - Danvers, MA
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I am selling my 1966 Chrysler Plymouth VIP Sedan (318 w/78,***miles) originally from Utah. It has A/C and heat, power steering and much more. I drive her periodically due to the nice weather there is nothing wrong besides the minor surface rust on the hood (picture is posted).
Contact: Feel free to contact me with offers (781) Four-Seven-Zero Two-One-four-Nine. Thanks
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looks like a nice car. what woud be a good price for this one be ?
All the pics were taken from a 100' away. Asking what a good price would be is kinda silly.
$2,500.00 until shown otherwise.
CL post is "Deleted by Author" sooo... mab'be it got sold.
I've seen plenty of the 65/66 Furys for sale in the past decade, in fact a 426 wedge Fury car got me into looking a little more into AD's and saving picture as about this time HiRes cameras and pictures were showing up on CL and eBay.
Not my generation for a car and I think the reason seeing so many is that generation is at the end of their mortal coil.
Unless these years become the 'Hipster' rage or affordable entry into a muscle car flip, I don't see them going anywhere like a Model A has been years ago.