For Sale 1967 Newport

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Nice looking sedan.

$6000 Up for sale is my 1967 Chrysler Newport. This car is in great condition, not restored but great original condition. It's a 383 v8 automatic. This car was originally owned by the dean of Adelphi, and he drove it until '98. He serviced it meticulously and I have every last receipt going back to 1968. The second owner hardly used it, and I used it as my everyday car for a while. It's very reliable, I'm in outside sales and so the car was used stop and go for 6 or so hours a day all summer. The only problem it ever had was that the timing started to get uneven so I changed the timing chain and that fixed that. The work that it's received recently include: new distributor, new timing chain, rebuilt carb, new steering saginaw, the paint was all compounded and polished back to a gloss, a brake booster was added to upgrade to power brakes, and the front seat was swapped for a power one. It comes with some spare parts including the original front seat. All the features work, including the radio and the somewhat rare rear defroster. The suspension rides soft as expected, and the car really is a joy to drive. There's nearly no rust at all, it looks like 5 years old underneath. Text for a test drive.





I have it up on eBay starting at 5000, if there’s anyone who is interested but would prefer that format for some reason
Update: I will take $4500, if anyone is interested. I have an ebay offer which is close, but I would rather sell it to a member, (and avoid ebay fees)
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