For Sale 1968 Chrysler Imperial 4 door Crown - $4500

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Dec 20, 2014
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1968 Chrysler Imperial 4 door Crown






Pictures will be posted tomorrow for this 1968 Chrysler Imperial, turquoise with matching interior. I believe this is a base-level Crown. It has about 94,000 miles showing on the odometer, but I can't guarantee that to be accurate.

The car is in average shape. It's a southern car, the sheet metal is strong and relatively undinged, there's a just little surface rust (but not much), the chrome is in pretty darned good shape, all the exterior trim is there except for one door molding. It's missing a hubcab, but I believe that's in the trunk.
The interior is in average shape for a car of this vintage. The front seat is badly cracked. It's certainly not a show car, but it could be a nice restoration.

There is a strong mildewed smell to the interior, and the front seat is cracked and frayed. The instrument panel is cool, but not perfect. I'm not 100% sure which of the accessories/windows work.

The car starts easily. Of course, there's absolutely no warranty of any sort, or guarantee that the transmission won't, say, fall out of the car as you head home on the Ohio Turnpike. This car is as is/where is, and there's no guarantee of roadworthiness or safety to the tires, or the car overall.
We highly suggest that you flatbed or trailer it home until your mechanic can verify it's roadworthiness.

The car has a clean title.
And we want it sold, and quickly, so that we don't have to pay another month's storage on it.

So it's going to be sold this week for the first $4,500 that shows up here in Cleveland. Are we negotiable? Yes-but not very much. Don't plan on offering $2,000 and getting the car-it's not going to happen.
So-would you like to buy a really cool car? Text Jim at show contact info .

Please note: Test drives will be limited to people who show up with valid driver's licenses and proof of insurance. Test drives will be for a short distance around South Euclid, no highway driving. No exceptions.
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