For Sale 1968 New Yorker 4-door armrests (white)

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Apr 15, 2023
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Long Island, NY
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We have rescued a 1968 New Yorker from a trip to Long Island crusher and are parting it out so it can benefit anyone who needs hard-to-find parts. First pic is of the armrests that I pulled and cleaned with Simple Green. No cracks in the vinyl, just some discoloration but they are great candidates to be dyed to whatever color you need other than white. The chrome plastic trim panels have lost all their chrome but go with this set. $100 OBO for the set (will negotiate shipping from Long Island, NY; PayPal only; please PM if you're interested). If you are local to Long Island, even better as shipping will be a non-issue.

Other Items of Interest
I've also included a a couple of pictures of the car as of April 14, 2023 (the day I removed the armrests). I have the door cards in the trunk; they are complete and in very good shape (the lower portion that has the carpet is faded, but they the vinyl is very good along with the fake wood and door pulls; I just need to clean them up). The front kick panels and sun visors are excellent and I just need to clean them up. The driver side remote mirror is available although the mirror is cracked. All glass but the windshield is excellent.

The driver's door hinges are tweaked where its meets the fender is rumpled from an altercation, but we will be removing the doors and storing them when the car eventually goes to its final resting place. The skirts are gone but all the lower trim is intact and will be removed. I'm in the process of removing the taillights and entire rear panel and trim. The bumpers are spoken for as we have some local club members that have Newports/300s/New Yorkers that have claimed them. The grill looks great and will be removed.

The dashpad is shot but we intend to remove the entire dash and steering column. It has a split bench set with the cigarette lighters mounted on the lower B-pillars. We're going to attempt to get them out as well.

Right front fender is not very good (bondo and crunched from an altercation; left front fender is tweaked where it meets the drivers door). Hood and trunk are great.

The rear quarters are solid. We're not sure yet if we'll be able to sawzall them and save them depending on storage.

Engine is locked up but spoken for along with the trans and rear.

Please PM me if you have interest in anything I've explained or haven't listed. We're trying to give everything salvageable a home because we love our Mopars. Thank you and have a wonderful day.







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