NOT MINE 1968 Plymouth Fury III for sale or trade - $13,000 (Zimmerman)

68PK21 440.6bbl

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Nov 29, 2017
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I don't know about this one, I was on the fence about posting it. Looks like he's put some money into it so... I'll post it anyway.
"could still use some fine tuning" could be a concern though.








1968 Plymouth Fury iii Fast top
Freshly rebuilt 383 with reworked heads, polished crank, new cam, intake, quick fuel carb, pistons and rings water pump, starter, alternator, headers, dual flow master exhaust, serpentine belt set up, rebuilt transmission and new 3.55 sure grip rear end. Also has new rims and tires and will include stock as well.
Very little rust!
It does need a brake booster but can be driven as it is. It’s not a show car but a very nice driver. Solid body and in good shape. Don’t find many of these around anymore and hard to find a classic car or muscle car of reasonable price and condition these days. Has about 500 miles on it after rebuild and could still use some fine tuning it does run out well.

Would consider partial trades and cash for atvs, side by side, snowmobile, ice house, vehicle, boat

Didn’t get to use this much this summer do to my work schedule and it’s too nice for it to be just locked away, it needs a home where it can be driven and enjoyed.

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It does look quite nice, the seats aren't torn but those re-covers don't look the best.

Is missing the rear wheel lip-trim.

I would be curious what 'very little rust' means - it looks like it should be zero rust?
I would be curious what 'very little rust' means - it looks like it should be zero rust?
There's not the best Hi-Res pictures, only a couple but it looks to me that there is some rust bubbles on the front of the right rear quarter panel extension, the usual spot behind the RR wheel. You have to inspect it to see if this is a start of Bondo pop. *** end looks nice, trunk alignment and gaps look good, Fury III trunk filler panel is one of the nicest I've seen and it doesn't appear that there is any acid rain stains on the bumper (re-chrome?)
Headliner appears to be a little ratty in the back.


I missed the headliner.
I presume you mean this spot? I had noticed it but was unsure what to think.

My rear bumper is just as nice as that one - it still retains the dealership sticker, and my car was very original/unmolested when I got it, so I presume it's the original bumper. (1 owner car). My trunk filler panel is probably on par with this one. My front bumper is the one showing the rain-etching, but there are no front pics of this blue car to know.

I'm not intending to brag, just to suggest that the rear of the car usually fares better, and this car doesn't have pics of the front for us to know.

There's some fraying of the windlace, too.

My hunch is the interior isn't quite as nice as the exterior.
Well if this is a Minnesota car all it's life it would of escaped the acid rain that mostly fell east of the Mississippi, the Northeast suffered it the most, then of course if this was garaged and driven only in nice weather...
My 1968 Fury III had the 'rain stain' both front & rear, but it was never garaged being a salesman fleet car it's whole life before I got it.
The rust pic isn't the highest resolution of the pictures, but I looked at it enlarged in my paint program and also in my browser and there is some funky pixelation going on but I'll put money on a rust bubble.
There's a small dent in the RF fender too.

Best to bring your 'Steve Magnante Magic Magnet' on this one.