NOT MINE 1968 Plymouth Sport Fury 2dr fastback - 2 owners - $8,000 (Minneapolis)


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Dec 21, 2018
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I'm not a fan of the styling of these myself but seem to be popular with others. Needs a bit of work







Worth every penny. If a 69-71 popped up similarly equipped and conditions the price is doubled.
Worth every penny. If a 69-71 popped up similarly equipped and conditions the price is doubled.
Excuse my ignorance, but why are these worth more than a chrysler same fastback shape ? is it the style treatment or something to do with engine type ? something else ?
Not sure I'm following the question.
I believe a similar 68 300 would be worth 8 k, no?
The Fuselage cars tend to be where the demand is.
While looking for a a 67-68 Fastback to buy for myself, I see the Fury's and GTX etc type cars with asking prices much higher than the Chryslers in same condition yet seem similar spec, (to me that is).

If you look at the Silmilar threads list below, a 67 Fury was for sale at $16.800 and if a Chrysler, don't think it would have had same price for same condition.

Maybe it's just me ? Anyhoo thanks for the reply, appreciated...
I also think the Dodes and Plymouths are a bit more desirable than the Chryslers. Just my thoughts.
I would agree with @polara71. Among C-Body fans, a Chrysler 300 will bring the same dollars, and sometimes more but I think there's a stigma for many that Chrysler = Old man, even among C-Body fans. Unfortunately preception is often more important then reality.

As far as the GTX, that's a whole different animal, the reality is that A, B and E bodies always generate more interest, and more money then C's. Right, wrong or indifferent that will probably never change.

There is also the weird "reality" that at the time you're dealing, whatever car you're buying calls a premium price and whatever car your selling is always undervalued. :lol:
I guess you think it's worth 3k. This is pretty good for a northern car. Can't all be blessed with perfect sheet metal like you fine folks down in the Beach.
Plenty of rust buckets down here, you drive on the beach the inevitable is going to happen. Heck anywhere in the world you need to get inland by 20 miles to avoid the salt air. The ocean breeze is nice but not so this year as it's been reported that Florida has been seeing record sea temps of 100°+ down in the Keys. Thank God for the almost daily rain this year.

(edit) Oh and also... see the missing trunk plugs? Don't drive around with your trunk like that as tailpipe carbon monoxide can be back sucked into the interior compartment, I noticed that when my Fury III 4dr sedan lower quarters finally complexly rotted out, plus a door frame gasket that wasn't sealing completely would cause a vacuum in the interior drawing in the fumes. Just like when (long stupid story) a moron friend of mine broke out the DS vent window when we were down in Daytona for the bike races in the early 80's and I was trying to sleep in the back seat for a bomb azz non-stop drive back up north. The vacuum leak caused by the cardboard filled vent window would cause cold air to be brought in through the trunk and back seat causing me to freeze my *** off. 'Course the trunk seal was a little wonky from when the car got rear ended.

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While it looks like a mostly-solid car, that trunk floor has a lot of pinholes, and that passenger-side quarterpanel looks like the trunk extension is rusted thru also.
The 383-4 is a nice option, so many are 383-2 barrels.

Seller doesn't know the difference between NOS and NORS, but that's me being nitpicky.

Price doesn't seem too far off for a starting point.
This one is a great example of good bones/good project but way underwater to restore.